Irish singer-songwriter AVA wrote a song for a ‘big’ PlayStation remake to be announced in December

Irish singer-songwriter Eabha McMahon, better known by her stage name AVA, wrote a song for a "big" PlayStation remake to be announced in December, she said in an interview with Irish radio program

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bouzebbal56d ago

Hope not a remake but a new Sly..
Siphon Filter would be sweet.. won’t say MGS it’s not a Sony licence

JEECE56d ago

Keep in mind this is a singer, not someone in games. Possibly she's an exception and maybe she follows games, but typically people like that have only a passing knowledge of games and might easily call something a "PlayStation game" without meaning it's a first party game.

RaidenBlack56d ago

The Legend of Dragoon 🤞🏻

VenomUK56d ago (Edited 56d ago )

December could mean a Game Awards reveal with a musical performance by her. But what could it be that lends itself to having a theme tune?

Eonjay55d ago

Her she is singing.
Now what game would this type of melody vibe with. It's gotta be either MGS or Silent Hill. I honestly can't imagine any other IP this kind of Ballad would have with.

Any thoughts?

ShadowWolf71255d ago

@Eonjay Her style would work extremely well with RPGs, actually.

IRetrouk55d ago

👀 folklore remake, set in Ireland from what I remember 🤷‍♂️

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LucasRuinedChildhood56d ago (Edited 56d ago )

I am missing something here or is a song sung in Irish an important part of the Sly Cooper franchise?

Or are people just not reading the quotes from the article?

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LucasRuinedChildhood56d ago (Edited 56d ago )

Maybe expanding on "The Best Is Yet To Come"?

A small portion of that song even plays at the very beginning of MGS1 as Snake reaches the inside of the base and climbs out of the water (one of my earliest memories). It would be part of everyone's first impressions.

It's funny because I'm Irish and the song is obviously Irish, but I don't think I realised it when I was 5/6.

HarryMasonHerpderp56d ago

Ohhh good shout! seems quite reasonable that's what it could be.
I loved that intro.

Gardenia56d ago

I was thinking of that too. Fingers crossed.

IRetrouk55d ago (Edited 55d ago )

That or folklore...set in ireland

Darkborn56d ago

Could be anything or nothing at all.

VersusDMC55d ago

It's a playstation exclusive being announced at the game awards(or sometime in December) at least.

More to go with here that most things getting speculated on...

Darkborn55d ago

I still think it could be anything, even twisted metal. What if the rights for every song isn't available for the originals or they are doing something completely different and want an authentic Irish song for a level? It can be anything that's what I meant. Everyone pointing at MGS is probably wrong.

zacfoldor56d ago (Edited 56d ago )

....*Aliens*...I mean Bloodborne....hopefully. I mean, I wish it was.

Remembering how big the music youtube video was for the Demon's Souls remake, and how Bluepoint loves to focus on epic music and scores, I'ma hope this is a Bloodborne remake in the works by Bluepoint. Yes, I know they are working on a new IP or something, but I can dream!

Imagine how awesome a Bloodborne or Legend of Dragoon remake would be. Honestly, I'd also love a MGS3 remake. I've played 1 enough....though it is an epic goat.

toxic-inferno56d ago

They're working on "original content" as opposed to a remake. Doesn't necessarily mean it's a brand new IP! So Bloodborne is potentially on the cards.

Eidolon55d ago

But I thought souls games had orchestrated music

Bobertt55d ago

I think the trailers had it's own song with lyrics. But Bloodborne 2 is not coming from Bluepoint.

ShadowWolf71255d ago

Why remake a game that literally does not need it? Waste of talent and resources on something that would need a simple remaster at best.

ColtPSSX56d ago

It’s most likely sly. I feel it

Eonjay55d ago

That's so strange because for me it's clearly Metal Gear.

ANIALATOR13655d ago

Hopefully not because 'The Best is Yet to Come' doesn't need remaking

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