Sony Unveils 'Perfect For PS5' BRAVIA XR TVs, Includes Auto HDR Tone Mapping

It’s been a while since Sony did this sort of thing, and reminds of when the format holder pushed PS3s alongside its latest range of 3D TVs a decade ago.

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Sonyslave361d ago

So i waste my $$$ on x900h 🤬

--Onilink--60d ago

How so? Its finally getting the vrr update which was the biggest feature still missing.

Other than that, its just a more expensive model, if you are worried about something like that, you would end up switching TVs every year.

As for Auto HDR, its just TV led tone mapping, its nothing new and in many cases you dont even want the TV to do it anyway

dumahim59d ago

Yeah. Most of the time you turn off the TV's features that tries to figure things out for itself and fakes it. I don't think auto HDR would be any different.

northpaws59d ago

Everything about Sony is negative to Sonyslave3, don't bother explaining.

ChubbyBlade60d ago

Oh no! I got bamboozled into buying a model before the new one, which is released every year, was announced! How COULD you SONY! How very could you!

S2Killinit60d ago

Sounds like a personal problem. Do research next time.

1Victor60d ago

S2 I agree and that’s why I haven’t get a 4K tv yet they ether don’t have enough gaming features or not enough 4K hdmi ports. I want a tv that will last me through this gen and maybe half of next 🤷🏿

alb189959d ago

By now is enough wait for a 4k tv brother.

arkard59d ago

What features are still missing?

darkrider59d ago

I'm very happy with x900. My last model was 1080p from 8 years ago and the jump is huge. Many friends that come also are impressed. For the price it's impossible to get better

dumahim59d ago

It's not like the X900h was even the top of the line in the first place. We're talking about TVs. New technology happens all the time. You're always going to be missing out on features that'll be coming out a year or two after you get a new TV. Not too much longer we'll have micro LED TVs.

one2thr59d ago

The X900H will be getting those same features, when the update becomes available at the end of January.

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CaptainHenry91661d ago (Edited 61d ago )

Now all they have to do is add VRR and the TVs will actually be worth buying for gaming

blackblades61d ago

Be nice to have VRR just to shut certain people up only reason why

60d ago
--Onilink--60d ago

Yeah I mean, why would I want a significantly smoother gameplay experience? Certainly not now that consoles have 120fps modes or RT can severely drop performance but it shouldn’t necessarily have to be all the way down to 30fps.

darkrider59d ago

We all know why vrr is talked by some...

isarai59d ago

Screen tearing while using BFI(Black Frame Insertion) is horrendous, that and just having an overall smoother experience in fast paced games is why i keep talking about it. I really just don't understand why it isn't there yet

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aragon60d ago

Really want an x90j but only the lgs support 4K 120 dolby vision in gaming mode.

1Victor60d ago

@ Aragon. I’m thinking on maybe getting the TCL 8K 6 series (R648) but haven’t had find it in stores nearby to go and check it out

aragon60d ago

I was looking at that one too but I heard it’s a lotto with the panels lots of people with bad panels it’s a feature rich tv though

Neonridr60d ago

yeah but the PS5 doesn't support DV.. at least not yet. Maybe some day.

v_eno_m60d ago (Edited 60d ago )

@neonridr, i could be wrong, but i think aragon was future proofing himself if he owns or plans on owning a xbox sx

aragon60d ago

I think theyll patch it in. It would be cool to test the xsx out though. I also need to upgrade my audio receiver to hdmi 2.1 even console gaming is expensive. HDMI 2.1 tv and hdmi 2.1 receiver

Neonridr59d ago

I hope the PS5 gets it. My LG OLED looks fantastic with DV over regular HDR.

1Victor59d ago

I guess I’ll have to check for customers reviews online and see how they rate TCL customers service experience on that tv and others

Orchard60d ago

Don't waste your money on a Sony TV. Get an LG.

smolinsk60d ago

Lg have the worst menus and remote controls ever. So bad that it's not even worth it to get a LG TV.

TheRealTedCruz60d ago (Edited 60d ago )

My LG OLED is pretty badass

I have no issues with the ui.

Orchard60d ago

I buy a TV for its visual quality and support for things like Dolby Vision and 120Hz - not for the UI.

If you’re spending more time in your TV menu than you are in-game, you’re doing it wrong.

medman60d ago (Edited 60d ago )

I'm happy with my LG. Zero issues. It simply does everything I need it to do. If there were a television on the market that was more full featured when I was looking, I would have bought it. There wasn't. There still isn't. The remote is pretty good, but I use a logitech harmony elite to control my devices so that is less than a zero factor for me. There is nothing wrong with the menus. At all.


Neonridr60d ago

I mean the remote is simple and to the point. As for the menu, don't know which WebOS you are looking at, but my C9 looks great and the menus are super easy to navigate. Plus it supports 4K @ 120, which is more what I care about.

SurgicalMenace60d ago

Exactly, LG makes the screens while Sony has all the bells and whistles. A8J here.

Knushwood Butt60d ago

I have am LG and I kind of agree regarding the menus, Had it over a year and still don't know how to flip to the sub audio channel when watching TV,. On my 10 year old Bravia there's simply a button you press on the remote. On the LG you need to perform some kind of miracle via software that I've only managed to do once.

I use it 90% for gaming though so not a big deal for me.

TheRealTedCruz59d ago


"I spent over 15k just to decide I wasted my money on otherwise inferior screens"

Nobody is impressed.
You're either lying, or you're a dip who spent thousands on inferior products. Which one is it?
Other people can also afford things. You're not cool.

SurgicalMenace59d ago

Oh look, it Mr. Cruz again. If you had a lifestyle that didn't LIMIT you to HAVING to rely on reviews would you take my comment as a means to impress or look cool?

Listen, instead of me taking someone else's word, I prefer to use what I've worked for to invest in knowing 1st hand. I can find no wrong in that.Though this concept could be interpreted in the way you see it, but in the radius of people that I'm surrounded with, this is the norm. If it's not for you, then perhaps seek new friends.

It floors me when people believe that you're either doing something to impress or look cool all because that is probably what they'd do if they had the option. Who the hell is here to care to impress or look cool to? Where's the profitable gain? When you live it, you're just giving a true account. Of course I'd have to be lying because there are absolutely no wealthy people who would ever spend money on video games or tech. How ridiculous do you sound? You just sound bitter and miserable really. I don't suffer the same fate. I invest in what I love, sir, so either learn to do it the same or stay in your lane of existence.

How much would you gather it takes a person to get all the equipment if they wanted to review it? To do their comparisons? If they can do it, without scrutiny, so can I. You perhaps need to get out of the bubble that you've limited yourself to and see that there are people that create their own lifestyles to do within it as they please.🤷🏾‍♂️

Lexreborn259d ago

Probably depends more on the time you get it, I bought 3 4K LGs a few years back and each one the remote receiver broke and the back light screwed up.

They were all the same model but they taught me to research more on TVs before I buy them. Turns out the model I thought was a 2016(at the time) was actually a 2013 model and buying it 3 different times I would’ve been better off buying a single one for 1500-2k and it would’ve probably been just fine.

Just have to do research on them

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littletad60d ago

Sony has playstation fans duped, thinking a bravia somehow makes their games "better" or something. Nah, man, you're basically paying a premium for the "bravia" name alone. It's inferior tech. Don't get me wrong, they're great standalone tv's, and win a slight edge on movie viewing and brightness. But the LGC1 or CX is way better for gaming.

SurgicalMenace60d ago

Get one, sir, before rambling on about what you think. I owe every flagship Sony TV on the market and this came after buying all LG's and Samsung's flagships to personally compare them, myself.

No YouTube videos nor any biased "get the LG because it's cheaper" reviews. The Sony won, while the LG was nice it didn't have the Playstation integration that Sony implemented. Samsung has a ways to go before their OLED can compete.

Next will be Sony's 8k, but it's not the easiest to catch in the wild now a days.

littletad60d ago

Lmao @surgical Okay, don't take my word for it then. Head over to and look at their head-to-head comparison. They provide both a video and text version. They literally tell you flat out the LGC1 is the best for gaming while providing the specs to prove their case, and they also lay out the few strengths the Sony Bravia has. I never said the tv was bad, just that it doesn't match the C1 in the NEEDS I want, which is gaming.

yeahokwhatever60d ago

Sony makes the best looking TVs. Its not close. That said, I currently have 3 LGs and a Plasma Panasonic(my movie watching tv). :-) For me, LG has the best price/performance ratio. Samsung is trash. If i wanted to see colors like that, id just drop acid.

aragon60d ago

The c1 baby is a not too bad price still steep here though

SurgicalMenace59d ago

As I said, I purchased all of them and had everyone of them in my home. No reviews, just taking time to use them all myself. The colors, brightness, and sound were all better on the Sony A8J/Z9. The LGCX seemed too vivid and did not produce realistic coloring. Samsung was a Samsung, so there's that.

So there's no duping a person who spends over15k to get his own idea of what he likes. Ratings is cool if you want to take someone else's word, that's not my way. Now I would tell anyone who JUST wants to game that the LG isn't bad, but if you want all the great features to compliment your experience with the PS4/5, go with the Sony.

littletad59d ago

Now you’re just being ridiculous. Input speed, game features, freesync, and all the other options that LGC1 has over the Bravia’s are not a “trick of the mind” they are specs. I also own an LGC1. My best friend has a bravia. They are nearly identical in movie viewing, with Sony having a slight edge, as I mentioned before, both in colors/blacks and brightness. They are negligible differences, but still categories that Sony wins. Side by side, you wouldn’t be able to tell. But where it COUNTS, for myself and others *since this is a GAMING site* the C1 literally beats the Bravia in every category that matters. Enjoy your tv man, but those little differences don’t make up for the bravias being 500-1400 more.

poppatron59d ago (Edited 59d ago )

Surgical menace

Samsung have never done an oled tv

And also, you might prefer how the Sony looks, but it doesn’t support some of the big hdmi 2.1 features that everyone here is talking about

SurgicalMenace59d ago (Edited 59d ago )

I do stand corrected, Samsung's is labeled as QLED. Though all the 2.1 or freesnyc talk wouldn't mean a thing if you didn't hear it from someone else's mouth. When they're all sitting in front of me side by side while I play is what helped me make my decision not someone on YouTube.

I simply looked up the best TVs each company had to offer and purchased them same as the reviewers you're referring to. I paid to have them all professionally calibrated according to the lighting in the room. Then started playing. Sony won for me. Are they more expensive? Yes. Though I've been taught that you have to pay for what you want.

Everyone says that you pay extra for the Bravia name, though I hear this from people who don't own them. A friend of mine just purchased the 83 Class C1 and he said he preferred how my A80/Z9J looked. Can you guess what didn't matter to him? Freesync, 2.1, etc. This all comes down to preference, gentlemen.

infernus9159d ago

@Surgicalmenace Dude, I have to agree with littletad here. you’re going off the rails. This is a GAMING news page. We buy our tv’s mostly for gaming. The LG tv’s right now are the best for gaming. Doesn’t matter what “your eyes” can see. Any hardcore game would give a crap about “pointless” HDMI 2.1. End of the day, it’s your money. Enjoy paying more for less.

SurgicalMenace59d ago (Edited 59d ago )

You know what? My bad, because I was under the impression that this article had something to do with BRAVIA TVs....silly me.
Apparently, I'm in the thread about how LG is better because that's what you all purchased. Could you so kindly point me in the general direction of where topics relevant to this article are? Didn't notice the room of cheerleaders for the opposing team.

The lowly spendthrift, that I am, had to scrape up all his loose change and take on tapping for quarters(these calves are JACKED!!💪🏾) so I could earn just enough to purchase all of Sony's flagship products. Please forgive me, sir, for my insolence, as I am lower than excrement on the shoe of a midget with a depressed disposition.

All in all, I've got products that are relevant to the topic highlighted in this article. Where as the insecure group of "oh but mine has freesync and 2.1" showed up to heckle, though their product manufacturer released nothing to show the benefits for the PS5.

I remember this one time MS was going on about quick resume, taraflops, and some other specs while touting how inferior the Playstation was too. How's that working out?

At the end of the day, I purchased every flagship TV on the market, to know 1st hand, and chose what I chose. Until you're doing that instead of dribbling on about features and YouTube, we're not the same. Telling me about LG's C1 is irrelevant because I OWNED it TOO, it just didn't make the cut.

Oh, and the LG doesn't do what the article speaks of either. Much like the PS2, PS3, PS4, and PS5, which all were deemed "inferior" products, out preformed the competition. Sometimes gentlemen, you should realize that there are several ways to cross the finishline so perhaps Sony doesn't need freesync or 2.1 to get the affects that highlight their products. I digress though, as I've got to continue enjoying life outside of my own understanding.

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poppatron59d ago

I just got a Philips 806. It’s absolutely awesome. It has Philips hue light’s built in the back as well and it might seem gimmicky but if you’re watching/playing something colourful or with lots of contrasting lights than the effect is great. It get really bright for a standard oled panel as well. And supports all the hdmi 2.1 features we want


what a childish comment, both companies provide some amazing TVs.

ANIALATOR13659d ago

I have to agree. I think Sony often make the best technology but trust me, it doesn't last. They always seem to break after a few years.

Knushwood Butt59d ago (Edited 59d ago )

I had one CRT that was faulty out of the box, but the bravia in my living room is 10 years old and no issues, and the bravia before that was also 10 years old and no issues until my son threw something at it which destroyed the panel.

BehindTheRows59d ago (Edited 59d ago )

Absolutely nothing wrong with Sony TVs (and their picture quality is actually ahead of LGs, particularly the OLEDs). I'm not about to bash LG though, I have three of their monitors and love what they do — but they are not ahead of OLED Bravia's on picture quality.

Moving to feature, that's where things get closer.

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gurp60d ago

I bought one of those Sony PS3 3D TV's and it was okay, returned it before 30 days was over
the best feature was SimulView, split screen 3D, but each player locks like they are using the whole screen not half


That feature looked so cool but I never got one... Just no need for split screen co-op at that point in my life... but, man, the kid in me from my childhood was blown away!

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