Gamespot: Prince of Persia: The Fallen King Review

There have been many princes of Persia since the original game was released nearly 20 years ago, and although they've ranged from noble romantics to angst-ridden bad boys, they've all shared a gift of tremendous agility. In conjunction with its new console reboot of the Prince of Persia series, Ubisoft has brought the graceful monarch to the DS in a side-scrolling adventure that can be thrilling when the intuitive touch-screen controls work as they should. Regrettably, for every thrilling moment the controls deliver there's a frustrating one, too, and this normally agile prince takes a few too many clumsy steps.

The Good:
* Well-implemented touch-screen mechanics
* Good level design
* Swordfighting is simple but fun
* Impressively smooth animation for the prince .

The Bad:
* Controls can be frustratingly imprecise
* Bland storytelling
* Dull, predictable boss fights
* Frequent slowdown.

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