Eidos-Montréal and Eidos-Sherbrooke Pivoting To 32 Hour Work Week

Video game developers Eidos-Montréal and Eidos-Sherbrooke have announced that they will transition to a 32 hour work week in the near future.

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sourOG53d ago

Right? I heard the UK has nap time lmao. I’m jealous but I cant take naps anyways. I’d wake up 4 hours later.

DarkZane53d ago

Eventually, most companies in North America will go that route. Studies have shown that a 4 days week actually improve productivity and morale.

sourOG53d ago

Lmao no. Studies are probably true but employers couldn’t give a shit less in America.

ChubbyBlade53d ago

He said North American. America isn’t the whole continent.

sourOG53d ago (Edited 53d ago )


He meant Canada. Not happening in The United States of America known formerly as the 13 colonies to be ultra specific and not to confuse. No employer would normalize part time work here regardless of the science and studies. We’re a greedy people but also the most generous in terms of charity and to a fault. The corporations are just greedy.

All tiers of business would crush this proposal. Some guy who owns a business working 100 hours a week isn’t giving his employees an extra day off because it ups morale and productivity, it won’t happen. You just get replaced here lol.

metalgod8853d ago

In theory, it's a great idea. The problem comes when the same amount of work that you would get done in 40 hours is expected of you within a shorter amount of time.

If they truly want to move towards a 4 day work week, then they'll also need to ensure they lower the output expectation, which is easier said than done.

antikbaka53d ago

mkay... but why are they doing it?

I won't be surprised that it's just to cut on payments

sourOG53d ago

Makes the most sense. Wind down operations before they sell them to MS. It’s not “employers caring about their employees and productivity” that’s for sure.

Vengeance113851d ago

What's the most interesting in all this is that it doesn't effect pay at all. You work 4 days but still get paid for 5 as normal.