Biomutant is part of PlayStation game trials

Play for 5 hours, experience the post-apocalyptic world of Biomutant and decide if you want to continue your adventure. Available until October 28th

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iplay1up2101d ago (Edited 101d ago )

Cool! Been wanting to play this. If I like it, I will buy it for my Series X though. Because I still don't have a PS5!:( There are games I want to play, and if they are on both Playstation and Xbox, I am obviously going to go with the Series X version.

I just looked. This Tweet says "IF YOU ARE IN THE UK OR CANADA" it doesn't say the U.S.!

Nakiro101d ago

Why would you look further into a trial for a console that you don't own?

iplay1up2101d ago

It is on PS4. I have that. I could try it, then buy it if I like it.

Nakiro101d ago

Your comment could have just been.
"Cool! Been wanting to play this.

I just looked. This Tweet says "IF YOU ARE IN THE UK OR CANADA" it doesn't say the U.S.!"

I just don't understand why you would want to poke the bear though, would have way less down votes that's for sure.

Jin_Sakai101d ago

The trials aren’t available in the U.S. that I’m aware of which sucks.

Nakiro101d ago

I'm sure it will come eventually, Canada is usually where companies test features before they roll them out to US and other countries.

I'm pretty sure this is part of their solution to Game Pass. One of the best parts about Game Pass is that you get to try out all these different games with little risk.

I assume only a small minority of Game Pass owner actually goes to buy the game afterwards though so I don't know how effective this strategy is going to be but trials are a great consumer friendly option.

dbcoops100d ago

Well since game trials are only available for PS5 how are you going to play it if you "still dont own a PS5"?

Nakiro101d ago

5 hours from the time you click on the download button which is something I'd like to see change in the future. It should be from the moment you start the game for the first time.

I'm sure there are some technical reasons for this but they really need to look into it if they actually want people to use this feature.

I_am_Batman101d ago

Agreed. Incidentally, it would take me about 5 hours to download Biomutant so this wouldn't work for me at the moment. But even for people with higher bandwidth internet it would be nice to have more flexibility.

Espangerish101d ago

PlayStation trials is a nice idea. I’ll wait for the PS5 edition of biomutant though

LoveSpuds101d ago

Same here chief, I know it got a bit of a drubbing in the reviews but open world games are among my favourite genres and I have a high tolerance for sweeping up icons on maps, I find it therapeutic in a way 😀

I have been holding on for a PS5 version of the game too.

thejigisup100d ago

This is a great feature and I'm here for it

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