"Ridiculous Deal of the Moment: Banjo-Kazooie: Nuts & Bolts"

"I'm not normally the kind to clip coupons and stay up on deals, but even a dolt like me can respond when something like this is staring me in the face. Amazon is selling Banjo-Kazooie: Nuts & Bolts for the criminally low price of $25.99"

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Imallvol73601d ago

That's no deal according to the demo I played . . .

caladbolg7773601d ago

I see what you did there.

WIIIS13601d ago

What did you see...? What did he do...?

Man you guys say the cooliest things, is it because you support Sony?

prowiew3600d ago

I placed my order 1 hour ago. Now im regretting the purchase. At least I have a certificate for $25, so was $1 to me. But man, I hated the demo

timmyrulz3601d ago

Thats funny because last time i checked the x360 has more games thats scored in the 90's, sells more games and sells more consoles so some people must like the xbox brand

InMyOpinion3601d ago

That's awesome. I don't get why this game wasn't released as a full price title. It has much more content than most other games released this year. And sooo addictive. Even if you rush through the game you won't finish it in under 20-25 hours.

Magic_The_Celt3601d ago

Man i played the demo, seriously it felt like i was 8 again playing a PS1 game with just slightly prettier visuals|

and you guys have the pure hypocritical bullsh*t nerve to call LBP a kids game

oh and LBP never ends :D always a constant stream of quality usermade levels by the awesome LBP community

InMyOpinion3601d ago

Man i played LBP, seriously it felt like i was 8 again playing a PS1 game with just slightly prettier visuals.

As silly as that looks to you, that's how silly your comment looks to me.

lokiroo4203601d ago

Jenzo this game is for retards, get over it!

InMyOpinion3601d ago (Edited 3601d ago )

On the contrary, a retard would not be able to play it since it demands creativity in building the right vehicles for different challenges.

Maybe that's why you guys didn't like it, cause you were too stupid to figure out the game mechanics.

lokiroo4203600d ago

The creativity involved in little big planet far surpasses nuts and bolts, thanks for bringing that up, you lose by your own argument.

Cheeseknight283600d ago

Except you never have to make a level in LBP. You can play the game just off the story and online levels made by others. On the other hand, if you aren't creative in Banjo-Kazooie you can't win.

Mind you, I love both games EQUALLY, something that doesn't ever seem to happen on this site. I guess it would be too adult to actually accept the other side's games, so instead you guys are reduced to acting like f***ing children.

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titntin3601d ago

Well it has to be said that sales of this title have hardly been spectacular. Big companies may well have over-ordered stock and will use such incentives to try and reduce their inventory.

It's a shame, but I'm afraid I was one of the people a bit dissapointed with how this title turned out. It looks much nicer than I'd feared from early showings, but the gameplay simply hasn't captivated me enough to return to it. There so many other great ttiles out there that this simply didn't have the pull to bring me back.

AAACE53601d ago

This game was a gamble to start with and MS knew it! They wanted this game to attract kids to the console and to take some steam away from LBP. But both games seem to not have got the mass interest that each company was hoping for.

It seems like when people want to play kiddie games they go to the Wii, DS and PSP. And the main sellers on Ps3 and 360 are more teen to adult type games!

After playing the demo of Nuts and Bolts I put it on the back burner. My kids did show interest in LBP though!

M_Prime3600d ago

i bet if Nintendo made LBP and mario was there instead of SACKBOY.. and i mean real Mario, not sackboy dressed as mario then it woulda done so much better then it is..

though NUTS AND BOLTS looks kinda MEH to me.. prolly play it for a few hours and never touch it again

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