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Richard Bailey Jr. of The Koalition writes: Earlier this year, I finally had the opportunity to complete Marvel’s Avengers when the PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X/S versions launched on March 18th. While I was very intrigued by certain aspects of the story, the repetitive missions, graphical hiccups, and continuous grind of leveling up characters greatly diminished my overall experience and made me feel as though Crystal Dynamics fumbled on the opportunity to create a quality Marvel game. When Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy was revealed during E3 2021, I had the same concerns and wondered how this game would be different from anything we’ve seen previously.

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rbailey109d ago

If you’re concerned about this game based on how Crystal Dynamics and Square Enix handled Marvel’s Avengers, don’t be. This is definitely a different experience because it’s a single-player action adventure game that doesn’t make use of the live service model. This makes it a much better experience overall in my honest opinion.

Rdeal109d ago

I would never pay £60 for a single player only game and i think Avengers is a good game especially the single player which it has by the way

RedDevils109d ago

So you rather pay £60 for games like COD every year?

PhillyDillyDee109d ago

My how the times have changed…

bouzebbal109d ago

This is why I'm not confident for the Perfect Dak reboot

CorndogBurglar109d ago

Wait....this comment feels backwards.

YourMommySpoils108d ago

That's strange. I'd pay $50 extra, just to remove online multiplayer. If it ain't local co op, it ain't co op.

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CorndogBurglar109d ago

From the looks of this game, you only play as Starlord, and just give commands to the other Guardians. Thats a bit disappointing to me. I would want to actually switch between any of the characters, while so giving commands to the ones I'm not using.

Am I wrong about this? Can you take full control of any of the characters? If so, then that sounds much better. But I certainly don't like limiting it to one character, and that would be even worse in an Avengers game.

GhostofHorizon109d ago

You only play as Star Lord, rest are support characters.

rbailey108d ago

I certainly agree that it would have been ideal if you could of played as the other guardians too. With all the interacting you do with them in the actual game, it would have been a nice touch to make this possible but I guess for them that might have complicated development even more.

bangoskank108d ago (Edited 108d ago )

It's unfair how people need to compare this to the crap Avenger's game just because they are both Marvel. They are two completely different games by two completely different studios. I personally thought Avengers looked bad the first time I saw it but got excited for this when I saw it on the PS showcase. It looks like Eidos Montreal poured their imagination into this and created a fantastic world. Avengers is an attempt at the looter genre that is dull and uninspired.

rbailey108d ago

I agree on everything you said here. The main reason why the comparisons will also be made is because even though both games are developed by different studios, they are collectively all published under Square Enix. For that reason, some will be hesitant to play this game even if it's different from being a looter shooter.