Crysis Preview

Suffering from post Far Cry blues? Never fear, Crytek's amazing pseudo-sequel will simply blow you away!

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FamoAmo4536d ago

Please make a port for the 360!!! PLEASE!!

PS360PCROCKS4536d ago

This is definetly the best looking game ever created, fuc* GOW, that looks like a childs toy compared to this, geesh, by the way I love GOW :)

Gamer134536d ago (Edited 4536d ago )

Looks better than games ive seen for the PS3 and Xbox 360 and Wii, Can,t wait to play it, best looking in the next gen.

And effects like shooting down trees lighting everything seems liking real life - this is how they should make games.

And im happy ive seen real ingame footage which shows its totally real time.

omansteveo4536d ago

This game looks amazing and i cant wait to play it, if it hits console thats an added bonus

PS360PCROCKS4536d ago

I will probably update my comp just to play this game, it's amazing

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