Windows 11 is making AMD chips slower in games

AMD say using Windows 11 with its chips can cause latency and CPU core allocation issues, reducing performance in games by up to 15%.

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masterfox50d ago

"New" MS O.S. causing struggles to hardware ? Imposibruuu!!, that has never happened before!

NeoGamer23250d ago

Ya, every new OS has its bugs.

In other news the sun did rise again today.

sinspirit50d ago

I remember for over a solid year.. one update, wifi drivers don't work properly and no fix. Next update, audio drivers don't work and no fi I just used the audio from the Display Port source instead of audio jack, so i plugged speakers into monitor instead which luckily had audio jack. It was off and on, one or the other, or both messing up the whole year. So infuriating. They really need to stop with the ridding of older menus for the "sleek" and unhelpful tablet PC style menus, and need to make the system better and more reliable and look at it from a consumer point of view.

badz14950d ago


my 2 PCs with Ryzen are having that audio issue too! one with Ry3 3300X and another with Ry5 5600X. they now both can't output audio through the jack! had to solve the problem with a USB-C to 3.5mm converter for the former and using HDMI audio from TV using the optical cable to the sound system for the later. so annoying. any fixes that you know of? can't find any myself!

sinspirit50d ago


Off the top of my head. I never found any actual solution if the quick fixes don't work. Uninstalling and reinstallng drivers(with a reboot), verifying all programs related to hardware are set to run automatically and are not disabled or on manual if necessary, installing driver for similar hardware if original won't work, and wiping registry with programs and manually through regedit. I've even reinstalled brand new Windows installation with or without keeping my files, but always resetting default Windows settings.

I literally just don't have the energy to do all that anymore since it has countlessly happened to me back to back, and sometimes still happens. I just take another break from PC and see if new Windows update fixes it. It happened one update this year, and luckily the update a few days later fixed it.

badz14950d ago


thanks for the sharing dude. I also literally went through the troubles doing almost all those things you mentioned except reinstalling windows with no luck and finally convinced that this is Ryzen chipset issue on Windows because I have another PC with Intel i5-4590, that has no problem with audio. I just hope my family's laptops (3 of them all with Ryzen) won't ever have this problem

FinalFantasyFanatic50d ago

The only time I had audio issues with my Ryzen PC was because of the motherboard drivers, better believe I rolled that one back post haste, otherwise I don't have audio issues with ryzen (although some jacks are louder than others for some reason).

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Fishy Fingers50d ago

And the ETA for a fix is this month.

Anyone who jumps on a new OS within the first few weeks (I did) knows there will be initial issues (I did). Annoying but the price of early adoption.

camel_toad50d ago

Have you done any gaming with Win 11?

Fishy Fingers50d ago (Edited 50d ago )

I have yeah and I'm running an AMD CPU (3900x), cant say ive honestly noticed any difference but then I'm not over analysing my FPS counter constantly or at least not enough to notice a few percent.

I pretty much just play by "feel" once I've got the settings where i want/need them.

TheEnigma31350d ago

Every other Windows sucks because they leave the formula that works.

yeahokwhatever50d ago

that doesnt make sense. think about it.

DarXyde50d ago (Edited 50d ago )

"Every other* Windows"

I see some value in that assessment. I've no idea how old you are, so if we start with semi-recent history...

Windows XP was great, but it came after the disaster that was Windows 2000/ME/NT/whatever you want to call it or whichever variant you had. It learned from that disaster, and then came Windows Vista, which.... Was pretty bad. It lost a lot of the charm and intuitiveness of XP... So they fixed it with Windows 7 which was a good OS... Followed by completely messing with the formula in The Windows 8 era (though 8.1 was an apparent improvement—I don't know, I never used 8.1 and I hate 8. Then, Windows 10 was a much better return to form. Took a while, but it got better. In short, the operating systems since 2000 have been commonly regarded as bad>good>bad>good> awful>good.

So really, I would say that every other Windows being bad is not an unreasonable thing to say.

Of course, my interpretation of TheEnigma313's comment is that they're saying Windows has these hit-miss cycles, not saying that every single other Windows OS is bad.

FinalFantasyFanatic50d ago

He's right though, for those who used older versions of windows (I think my first pc was some version of Windows NT), Microsoft tends to have a good release followed by a bad release.

BlaqMagiq150d ago

He actually has a point. Every time every other new Windows comes out they want to fix what isn't broken. To me Windows XP and 7 were the GOAT OSes and they changed them for the worse for no reason. Windows 10 was good but not great. 11 will remain to be seen.

Rude-ro50d ago

They are actually copying Sony’s PlayStation 5 architecture with multi threading..
It is more the way games are coded currently for windows gaming that is causing the issue.
Ie it will take game patches to fix the games that are having slower reading issues.
Not a “windows 11” issue technically..

sinspirit50d ago

Windows scheduler still screws up the AMD performance on PC. It has been poor for multithreading for a very long time. If they optimized it with the OS then we'd have more gains in general. Game devs must optimize better and so does Windows.

Rude-ro50d ago


Technically you are also correct..
But windows 11 is changing how games read with multithreading.
Thus the current issue.
Games were programmed one way for windows/Xbox gaming.
This is changing with windows.
Said changes are not coded as such or pipelined correctly currently.
This is due to the previous direction Microsoft had laid out for programmers.
The disagrees are not in the know..

This is a great break down and description of the direction of said changes
It also describes how it is incorporating Sony’s architecture of multi threading.

Bobertt49d ago

DIdn't they make the Windows 11 scheduler optimized for the upcoming Intel CPUs with the Big and Small cores? Maybe that is why AMD is buggy on Windows 11 but we need to test it with older Intel CPUs to be sure.


I have a simple solution, do not install this shit OS until Microsoft fixes most of the issues. Wait until sometime in 2022, then consider it. Win 11 was not needed at all, another cash grab from MS, all the features could have been done with Win 10. So MS you know what ? I will be torrenting Win 11 Pro as I did every one of your OS since Win 98 onward, I have had 0 issues installing updates all were preactivated and work perfect 😀.


From a torrent site: "TPM requirement is skipped during install, otherwise untouched
Includes Activator"
Not installing this shit OS yet waiting a few months well into next year until it's fixed 😀

Teflon0250d ago

In my honest opinion, anyone pirating the Windows OS has no right to say what MS should or shouldn't be doing, whether I agree with you or not. If you've had a legit OS since atleast 8, you wouldn't need to pirate it to begin with.

sinspirit50d ago (Edited 50d ago )

I also don't condone piracy and agree with your statement. However, one instance I will bring up is one of the Windows installations was just very meh and even after verifying your legit Windows key it would keep asking for it over and over, every hour, and changing your background to black with the unregistered Windows watermark. You had to call them to fix it, and after an update or hardware swap it would happen again. It was a fairly common issue. I always owned my own key and still do, but I definitely used the "other" version in that instance just to finally be rid of that annoying popup and to turn off some of the background tasks.

I think it was Windows 8 if I remember correctly.

Viljong50d ago

This is why pc lack single player games and why you have shitty drm. Pc gaming is to pay x5 to play the multiplatform games with technical problems.

-Hermit-50d ago

How do you just make shit up like that and expect people not to call you out on it?

Activision50d ago

How is Windows 11 a cash grab? It's a free upgrade to existing Windows 10 users.

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Kados50d ago

I couldn't even use Win 11. Tried installing it yesterday, and it was taking 10-15 minutes for it to load after every login. The taskbar/start menu were locked and nothing could be run. Spent a couple hours troubleshooting to try to fix it, but ended up having to roll back to 10.

camel_toad50d ago (Edited 50d ago )

Thanks for taking one for the team. I'd like to try it but for the very reason with what happened to you is what's keeping me away for now. As much as I like NEW stuff I'm planning on waiting until they've ironed out the early kinks.

gurp50d ago

I had really weird graphical glitches with menu's and other things.
I actually was able to download the new Nvidia drivers which solved a lot of issues.
This was more of a test machine, I will not be using it regularly.

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