Arcade1Up Announces Tron, Ridge Racer, And More For This Holiday

Riiiiiiidge Racer!

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Petebloodyonion58d ago

You know that you are an old gamer when you are gushing for that old Tron cabinet :)

Knushwood Butt56d ago

Yeah, I loved Tron back in the day. Even have the jingles from the game in my head as I write this. Especially the one where you die, as I used to die a lot when playing!

adaminoregon56d ago

Tron ate a lot of my quarters back in the day.

Knightofelemia56d ago

I use to love Tron besides Willow, TMNT, and Strider it was one of my favorite games. Another game I wouldn't mind seeing a release is the old Moonwalker cabinet I use to love that game as well collect Bubbles become Robo Jackson.

Neonridr56d ago

You'd have to be pretty hardcore to spend that much money on a game like Tron.