GameSpot - Shin Megami Tensei: Persona 4 review

GameSpot writes: "Shin Megami Tensei: Persona 4 is an excellent sequel that builds upon an already successful formula by improving it in nearly every way. With a down-to-earth cast of likable characters, an intriguing story further realizes its cast by highlighting their psychological complexities and making them seem that much more real, and an engaging and fun combat system, it's sure to keep your attention for the duration. Whether you're a fan of the dark and bizarre Shin Megami Tensei series or a first time shadow fighter, Persona 4 is a superb role-playing adventure with something to offer to everyone."

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sunnygrg3603d ago

Into my first few hours, and this game is great.

Here is to hoping that the next one will be on a next gen system (Rumored for PS3 and PSP?)

Harry1903603d ago

a PSP version or even a port of the previous two.

Edge Maverick3603d ago

I'm an RPG-monger, but seriously, I've never gotten into Persona whatsoever. This time, that changes. Looking forward to this.

soljah3603d ago

hum maybe Sony has got it right, the ps3 is not going up against the wii and 360. the 360 and wii are going up against the ps2 and getting crushed. Sony has already announced over 100 ps2 titles for 09 and next year it will be at 99 selling like popcorn at every walmart and kmart in the country during xmas.
will probably be 2010 before Sony finally drops it and starts using the ps3 as their opp(opening price point) machine.

Homicide3603d ago

Great score. This game is amazing. Please try it out, but you need to have a little patience at the beginning.

Danja3603d ago

great game indeed loving every minute of it...

and it does start off a lil slow...since you have nuttin to do but watch the cutscenes and check the tv...but it's worth it..

im already in June..XD

Skerj3603d ago

Played it for 13 hours straight yesterday. I got home from work and picking the game up, took a shower and grabbed some food, then I sat down and began to play. By the time I looked out the window I had to get ready for work, and I'm playing it as I type this.

It's everything I thought it'd be and then some, I can't wait to see what Atlus is cooking up for SMT4 after seeing the vast improvements P4 has over P3. P4 fixes issues that were in P3 that I didn't even realize P3 had and evolved all the gameplay elements that were created in that version and added new ones to boot.

rucky3603d ago

But did Gamespot got lazy or something? They seem to be always handing down a fixed 9.0 score for majority of the good games that came out.

cmrbe3603d ago

got a 10 from them. A 9 from them is normally a 9.5 for others. They gave God Of War a 9.3.

geda3603d ago

yeah they've been all over the 8.5s and 9.0s lately.

TheIneffableBob3603d ago

GameSpot rates in .5 increments.

They've been doing so for the past year.

PikkonX3603d ago

Man, I almost burnt up the kitchen earlier today thanks to this game lol. Was cooking some food and I somehow ended up playing P4 and forgot about the food completely. About 45 minutes later, my food and the pot is black and the house is covered in smoke lmao. Almost like the fog from the game.

sinned473603d ago

persona fell in the metacritic score thanks to gameinformer :[ i was very surprised that it was the highest rated ps2 game for a while. but i still got mine! :]

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