Brembo Becomes Official Technical Partner in Braking Systems for Gran Turismo 7

The Italian brand will integrate itself in the game’s tuning shop, allowing players to upgrade their cars’ brakes to Brembo items.

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aaronaton57d ago

Meanwhile over at the Forza camp...
Hot Wheels, Lego, and Mountain Dew are now official partners.

darkrider56d ago

So cool how huge motor racer brands want to be on gt. Even brakes!

Sitdown56d ago

Do we know the full extent of the partnership?

Dee_9156d ago (Edited 56d ago )

they had a partnership with kw suspension for gt6, there was supposed to be a "KW Suspension " tuning system in the game, but I don't recall it being included. Its much more than simple branding for sure. we may get proper brake fade/wear to go along side the traditional tire wear... which would be awesome

Flawlessmic56d ago

March cant come soon enough!!!!

medman56d ago

Or January (Elden Ring) or February (Horizon Forbidden West)....I am so ready for some great games in 2022.

chiefJohn11756d ago

OMG! This is amazing. This bout to "brake" the net.

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The story is too old to be commented.