EA SPORTS Comments on the Future of Football

"It’s been an exciting couple of weeks for EA SPORTS, as we officially launched FIFA 22. We’re very proud of this year’s game, and love seeing the excitement from players around the world as you get into the experience.

Since launch, we’ve already had 9.1 million players join the game, 7.6 million Ultimate Team squads created and 460 million matches played. We will continue delivering amazing experiences throughout this season, but first - a heartfelt thank you to our incredible community of football fans."

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locomorales57d ago

Really surprised they are letting FIFA name go.

Eonjay57d ago

I would love to see someone else, besides Konami of course, take the reigns and actually make an improved experience.

locomorales57d ago

The obvious candidate is 2K. But seeing their aggressiveness with mtx in sports games I don't know if I can say that there would be any advantage to that.

EA's FIFA's are good games mechanically speaking.

VenomUK56d ago

What's interesting is that EA says it's 'exploring' the idea of renaming FIFA. So it may be doing this to see if there is a big negative pushback from customers, and possibly it is bargaining with FIFA itself to say the high fee it pays for licensing is not warranted.

Also, at least EA has the good sense to realise that the FIFA game is playing most in European, African and South American countries so is not alienating its audience by calling it soccah!

DarXyde56d ago

Let PlatinumGames take a crack at it.

It'll be nuts. Super Mario Strikers in roids.

Fluke_Skywalker57d ago

They didn't say they were letting it go, they said they were reviewing their licence with FIFA. Most likely with a view to extending the license I would imagine.

locomorales57d ago

"As we look ahead, we’re also exploring the idea of renaming our global EA SPORTS football games. This means we’re reviewing our naming rights agreement with FIFA, which is separate from all our other official partnerships and licenses across the football world.

They sound like the words of someone who is laying the groundwork for what is to come.

PapaBop56d ago (Edited 56d ago )

There is absolutely no chance EA is going to loosen their grip on their license monopoly. They'd be more inclined to spending their entire game budget to secure that than actually make a true next gen sequel.

ginganinja56d ago

My hunch would be the way the current licence is setup, they need to do yearly releases. Whereas EA want to move to either a FTP or subscription model so they can rake in even more cash.

S2Killinit56d ago

Probably because FIFA’s corrupt practices have lined their pockets so much that now they can demand more for the naming rights.

chiefJohn11757d ago

That's Soccer not football lol

ocelot0757d ago

Nope it's good ball. You know the sport where players kick the ball with their foot 99% of the time. Compared to that other sport that's also called football but 99% of the time they run around the field with it in their hands.

locomorales57d ago (Edited 57d ago )


dbcoops56d ago

Yeah but Monday Night Handball just sounds weird.

mudakoshaka56d ago (Edited 56d ago )


I get your point, and I would like to say I agree with you. But the name football (in America) does not derive from the act of kicking the ball with your foot. I believe it is related to the height/width of the ball (depending how the ball is placed) as it is around one foot of that measuring unit. I am from Europe, so football for me is exactly what it is. But once I learned this about American football and that the name has nothing to do with kicking, I was a bit more convinced that it is understandable why it is called football, but it really shouldn't be.

MajorLazer57d ago

**** off! Football is the most popular sport in history, not handegg.

XbladeTeddy57d ago

Blasphamy! I had an argument with an American in a pub when they called it soccer and had to point out that what they call football doesn't even involve the foot much where as football that we play is all about the foot and the ball. Simple logic.

Fluke_Skywalker57d ago

No, it's football, what Americans play is handegg.

chiefJohn11757d ago

Rofl how to make soccer fans mad it soccer 😆

NeoGamer23257d ago (Edited 57d ago )

You have to remember that football is a real serious sport for the entire continents of South America, Europe, Africa, and a large part of Asia.

When I spent six months in Europe, I found out that they take Football seriously. Calling football soccer in most of the world is like telling an American that they can't own a gun any more. You are pushing the hot button in both cases.

chiefJohn11756d ago

Lol I know, it shouldn't be that serious tho

dbcoops56d ago


Not all American's want to own a gun that's a perception that has been created by the rest of the world.

RedDevils56d ago

It's football only Murican say soccer

DoubleYourDose56d ago

The U.S., Australia, New Zealand, Canada, Ireland, Japan, South Africa, The south part of the Philippines and Papua New Guinea call it soccer.

Fluke_Skywalker56d ago

Yeah basically all the places that are shite at it call it soccer.

Sayai jin56d ago

Nah, most Canadian's call it soccer as well. The rest of the world call it soccer.

Kurt Russell56d ago

People like to get mad about it being called soccer... but the name soccer actually comes from Britain (derived from association football). Some countries like the US kept calling it soccer... whilst some went back to calling it football. Rugby's full name (which primarily uses your hands) is Rugby Football.

Even knowing the above, or not... its a sad thing to get worked up about either way.

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Angyobangyo56d ago

Football. Played using hands. Lol, American logic.

DarXyde55d ago

American here. I can confirm we're weird and rebellious for no good reason.

We use a temperature system where 32° is freezing and 212° is boiling (instead of a common sense system of 0° to 100°) and decided 5,280 feet is 1 mile.

We're not playing with a full deck as we have decided to needlessly complicate things we don't need to. 🙂

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ZAF57d ago

eaFootball vs eFootball, it's gonna be hard to choose xD

Fluke_Skywalker57d ago

Not really, eFootball is absolutely bollocks. And I say that as a lifelong Pro Evo fan. A very disappointed Pro Evo fan.

EvertonFC57d ago

I'm liking the new efootball despite its little bugs and glitches but they'll be ironed out.

Fluke_Skywalker56d ago

Fair enough, the game play is decent enough, but the refs are horrendous. The menus are shockingly bad though.

RedDevils56d ago

Sound like you play on pc not on console.

galgor56d ago

A name change isn't gonna cover the fact that it's the same game every year.

PapaBop56d ago (Edited 56d ago )

First time in over twenty years I haven't actually bought a football game this year. I'll likely go with Fifa eventually but EA have been so complacent in recent years and PES looks a mess. It's sad times but we really do need another player to come and enter the field, I remember back in the ps1 era when it was Fifa vs PES (iss pro) and recall Sony i think it was who tested the waters with This is Football and absolutely loved it.

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