Sony Advertises the PSP Right: Canada Plays PSP

GameXtract writes "Sony has been known to have quite the radical approach when it comes to reaching its consumers, but it looks like this Christmas Sony has put their wild ideas aside to get the point across in a smooth, quick, and catchy way. I find that every time I switch on the TV I tend to watch two to three Playstation 3 commercials within the hour. Just comes to show how Sony is really pushing for big sales numbers this Christmas season. Not to forget the PSP, Sony has once again stepped it up, and not only by continents but by specific countries too. Upon watching MuchMusic today I was confronted with a great PSP commercial that truly connected both the portable unit, and Canada as a whole into one short thirty second clip. I have to admit that If I hadn't already owned a PSP, I would be quite tempted in pursuing that interest as this commercial has got me excited for my lovely Playstation Portable once again. Looks like Sony did it right this time. Clip after the jump."

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SaiyanFury3598d ago

Not a bad commercial, Canada rocks!

Doppy3598d ago

WTF is up with American advertisement, this commercial kicks @$$, while we get 10 second clips of sack boy smiling and waving.

3598d ago
PS3Freak3598d ago

WOOO CANADA!!!!!!!!! but ya this commerical was very effective.

Lombax3598d ago

Sorry but this commercial just didn't do it for me. I much preferred the PSP squirrels.

dboyxz3598d ago

Proud to be Canadian! Need more PS3 Canadian commercials though ;)

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