Microsoft unveils Thumbtack for sharing Web snippets

Microsoft's Live Labs on Wednesday introduced a new service that lets users collect snippets of information from Web sites and share the collections with others.

A user investigating vacation ideas, for example, might find Thumbtack helpful. Once users log into Thumbtack, they can copy a portion of a Web site, perhaps one that describes a hotel in a particular city, and paste it into a new collection in Thumbtack. The information appears in Thumbtack as an item in a box that can be placed anywhere on the collection page or as an item in a list. The user can continue browsing online for other hotels, similarly cutting and pasting relevant information into the Thumbtack collection.

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vitz33597d ago

Like most M$ ventures, expect about 6 months of support until the project is canned. Where's Xbox Live Anywhere?

Johnny Rotten3597d ago

I could be wrong but doesn't FireFox have something like this?