New free and paid content arrives for Tales of Arise

Neil writes: "Tales of Arise is a very impressive addition to the 'Tales of...' franchise. In fact, when it released just a few weeks back we spoke of how it delivered a deep narrative, some action-packed combat and a ton of variety in the enemies. We also found it to be just about a decent challenge, but if you were one of the few who disagreed then Bandai Namco have got your back with the launch of 2 new content packs for the game - a free one which lets you amend the difficulty like never before, and a paid option that works in a bit of a Sword Art Online crossover."

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autobotdan54d ago (Edited 54d ago )

Tales of Dead or Arise DLC costume packs

Knightofelemia54d ago

$21.99 Canadian to look like Kirito and Asuna and have them added to the game nah I am good I like SAO but not for $21.99. Now if it was to add Re:Zero , The Rising of the Shield Hero, Konosuba, Is It Ok To Pick Up Girls In A Dungeon I would pay $21.99 for that.

NatsuXTheMaxspeed2154d ago (Edited 54d ago )

whats the corellation between bandai namco owned titles like tales and SOA to the titles you mentionned ?

Knightofelemia54d ago (Edited 54d ago )


SAO is not owned by Bandai Namco they hold the license to making the games. No different then Namco holding the license to make the DBZ games. Tales is owned by Bandai Namco I'd like them to see if they can get the license to add in Re:Zero, The Rising of The Shield Hero, Is It Ok To Pick Up Girls In A Dungeon, Konosuba I would be glad to pay for those franchises to join the Tales DLC. SOA as you put it stands for Sons of Anarchy so I fail to see the relevance on what you are saying since there has never been a Sons of Anarchy game. I understand Namco can only add in what they hold the license for but I own all the SAO Sword Arts Online games I want something different.

NatsuXTheMaxspeed2154d ago

but i agree im still on the fence. im canadian too

Yi-Long54d ago

This kind of ridiculously overpriced DLC only makes me hesitant to pick up the base-game at all. Certain skills being locked behind some DLC doesn’t help either.

I guess I’ll have to wait and hope some day they’ll release a ‘complete edition’.

RedDevils54d ago

I finished the game without buying any of it DLC. DLC is just for people who like costume or speed up their leveling.

Yi-Long54d ago

It was mentioned during launch (by some reviews and players) that certain skills/skill-trees were only available to you to use if you had the Special Edition or DLC or something.

Nobody says you can’t finish the game without buying DLC, but locking out basic gameplay options from the base-game exclusive to DLC or a Special Edition seems like a big no-no.

zacfoldor53d ago (Edited 53d ago )

You're right on the money, but I would add one thing.

The DLC issues in this particular game are way overblown. It's one of the best JRPGs this gen. If you like JRPGs and are on the fence, imo, the dlc should not be the thing to move you across one way or the other. It's a nice theoretical argument that applies to many games, but this is a gigantic full jrpg without needing a drop of dlc. It's also single player and rather easy the entire time, like most jrpgs. You will probably not struggle or even notice anything. Careful of FUD online about this one, based only on the DLC. The DLC is not terrible, it's actually fine, but the game itself is amazing. Just saying, imo. DLC that adds needed parts to a game is bad, but this is a 100% complete and awesome game, if you never even connected online after installing, imo.

Yi-Long53d ago

So if I never connect online while playing, the experience will be great?Oh, that’s perfectly fine and acceptable then… (!).

Here’s how I see it. They made an amazing game, which has been scoring terrific games, and they probably would have gotten my 60 bucks by now, and they and I would have both been satisfied with it all.

Instead, they decided to include some small and quick nickel & dime thingy, where certain moves are locked away behind their tiny greedy paywall, and I’ve read about that when I was going through all those positive reviews, and as a result it soured my interest because these kind of business practices are tiresome and customer unfriendly, and it just means I’ll have to wait for a Complete Edition before I consider picking it up.

Again, if they had left out that little greedy stuff, there wouldn’t have been a problem. They would have been selling everyone a perfect little game for 60-70 bucks, and the rave reviews would have done the rest. Instead, they chose to go for a tiny bit of extra greed, and customers like me then shrug their shoulders and go “well, that’s a shame … “, and move on …

I have no doubts about this being an excellent game. I just really don’t want to have the feeling that I pay full price for a game and then feel they left out content on purpose just to hit me up for more money the second I start playing it …

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