Far Cry 6 PC & Console Comparison Shows Faster Loading on PS5, Resolution Advantage on XSX

One of the first Far Cry 6 comparisons has been released, highlighting how the game looks and performs across PC, PS5, and Xbox Series X|S.

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porkChop224d ago

It means that while PS5 and SX are both dynamic 4K, the SX maintains a higher average resolution.

Christopher224d ago (Edited 224d ago )

Framerate on PS5 is not good. Especially cinematic scenes.

It's also very easy to see that LOD and general visibility of AI dependent elements is cut short compared to most current generation and last generation Ubisoft games. Even the last two far cry games performed better on both fronts than this one, comparatively since those games ran at lower resolution and less graphical fidelity.

I'm still enjoying it, but they definitely have some technical hurdles they ended up running into here.

dbcoops224d ago

What resolution advantage? I feel like this Gen these comparison videos are getting pretty pointless as the games are almost indistinguishable from one another on PS5 and series x, series s looks a little muddled do to a lower resolution and PC is always going to be the best choice in terms of graphics, most people know this already so again I think comparison videos are pointless, just play on what you want and enjoy the game.

Sayai jin224d ago

Why did you only mention the graphics comparison's?

dbcoops223d ago

What else would you have liked me to mention?

Sayai jin223d ago

The article compared the graphics and leading times. You know the topics of the erticle.

BrettAwesome224d ago

Well, it still counts. Just like the res advantage that no one can detect with their eyes.

Om4ever224d ago

I would prefer to say none counts... Useless comparaisons

Sayai jin224d ago

Om4ever, both are negligible. Most are not going to really notice that resolution or load rimes...half a second. I do know that I can load up the game and start exactly where I left off in a few seconds with quick resume on Series X, but can't on my PS5. Even still, if I only had a PS5 that is not something that wouldn't phase me.

People look for little difference tp justify their purchase. Never understood this at all, especially for adults.

Deathdeliverer224d ago

It’s like splitting hairs on most of these things. PS5 faster by half a sec on Series S and almost a full sec than Series X. A whole second… insignificant. Both remain above 1800p but the series X has a higher average… by what 1p? The other 360p? Doesn’t say but it does t have to. At that small of a difference it is again, insignificant. PS5 has better reflections. That, I will say looked nice as hell. When the lightning strikes on PS5 the reflection is clear in the puddle on the ground. On Series X the the lightning was a bright blur. Ocean looked better too, but still. Are we really going to call one a deal breaker or a show of how the other is inferior? First party is all that matters. Any BIG gaps on 3rd party games are a clear reflection on the developer. Not the systems. Both are solid machines and I am glad to have them both.

MazeRunner224d ago

finally, someone understands

phoenixwing224d ago

You made a good point death. Unfortunately I'm not buying this game on any platform

Deathdeliverer224d ago

@ Phoenix
Me either. I still look at these comparisons because I think it’s funny how minuscule things are turned into incredible things. Resident evil had a lot faster load times on PS5 in every instance and it adds up over time. That’s a big deal in the long run. One second though? 260p? The second adds up in the VERY long run. It’s like a Tesla vs a gas car. Yeah that Tesla saves me on gas…. BUT it cost a arm and a leg. Maintenance is ultra expensive. And if I have to replace a part god help me. But if I factor in all the money I save in gas I’d have made up the difference in 15-20 years. Yep… just give me the gas car.

yeahokwhatever224d ago

electric cars are being pushed because planned obsolescence isn't as easy to pull off with easily repaired gas engines. cars as a service is coming and its going to really suck.

yeahokwhatever224d ago

Enjoying it so far on a mid-tier PC.

XxINFERNUSxX224d ago

PC version true 4K looks best but they don't even show load times with PC, they should with PCIe 3.0 and 4.0 drives I'm sure they would be fast. But this series just needs to stop and or give it a long rest...

slowgamer224d ago

Yeah they could have added some sort of pc ssd, seeing they already compared it to others in graphics.

I only have sata ssd which is a lot slower than those new drives but Far cry 6 is loading quite fast.

chrisoadamson224d ago

for some context regarding PC - "The latest Steam hardware survey (via Tech Raptor) shows that just 1.74% of PC gamers run single monitor setups running at 4K. The overwhelming majority run their games at 1080p"

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