Can Crystal Dynamics Make Perfect Dark... Perfect?

Alex DS. from Link Cable Gaming writes: "I was pretty hyped when it was just The Initiative working on it but now that Crystal Dynamics is involved I feel even better about the whole thing."

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sammarshall102111d ago

I'm still mad Perfect Dark isn't a reboot done in 3rd person, it would be so cool with the futuristic cities

Crystal Dynamics should help get the game out of the door sooner than later but we'll have to see if the quality is good

chrisx111d ago

FPS is what makes perfect is it's identity. Switching to 3rd person should be at the most a spinoff. The answer to the original question is No, I have very little faith CD can do justice to this game.

Lightning77110d ago

"No, I have very little faith CD can do justice to this game."

Aw man you're right CD has a history of putting out terrible games.

bouzebbal110d ago (Edited 110d ago )

They made Tomb Raider a worse game I don’t have high hopes for this one they’ll clone a game like they did with Uncharted

0hMyGandhi110d ago

I could only imagine the kind of backlash if it was.
I am actually super excited to see what they do with this.

sammarshall102109d ago

There wouldn't be backlash from most gamers. A lot of people would welcome the change especially if Joanna looks good lol

isarai111d ago

I mean, their track record hasn't exactly been on an upward swing, so probably not.

porkChop111d ago

It doesn't matter who develops it, it will never be perfect. No game is perfect. Every game has flaws, or things that could have been done better. The idea that anything can ever be perfect is an idea that needs to go away. Stop hyping things to unattainable levels, and start expecting flaws. You'll be happier that way.

0hMyGandhi110d ago

I find "Hype" as a concept so fascinating as I get older. I honestly have no idea when it was that I was hyped about...anything. Like, I am excited about things with impending release dates, but I am not making paper chains and staring at countdown clocks like I was as a kid. The result? you really do find profound enjoyment out of most things because you didn't apply some exorbitant declaration of brilliance to it.

I think of all the movies, games, and music I've digested over the years, and how it's so utterly important to temper expectations, not to grade the piece of media on a curve, per say, but to acknowledge that these things are crafted by human beings, and flaws are totally fine in my book.

One of the most enjoyable games I played two generations ago was Singularity. I had no idea how much I would love that game. It got average reviews by the press. It looked interesting and I picked it up at a Hollywood Video near me.

Hype can close minds and limit perspectives. Live with something long enough and you can appreciate the little things, and even find your own viewpoint on how it should be enjoyed.

porkChop110d ago

Exactly. People would enjoy more things if they didn't have such high expectations. Singularity is the perfect example. I remember before release some people were pointing out similarities to BioShock and expecting it to be on that level.

While I don't think it quite hit that mark I was never expecting it to, so I still enjoyed the game very much. It's a shame we never got another one.

Lightning77110d ago

They rebooted Tomb raider and saw success. I don't see why PD won't be good. The Initiative already has the ground work they just need more hands in the development.

isarai110d ago

I dunno, that series got progressively worse, then there's the hot trashpile that is the avengers. After all that i don't hold much stock in CD anymore

Lightning77110d ago

This is still a Initiatives game not a CD game. CD is just helping TI (more man power) So the studio has say on what they want in the game.

0hMyGandhi110d ago

thank you for such a well-thought-out, utterly enlightening response.

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