One of the best Horror Titles "Visage" Now Optimized for Series X

Indie Psychological Horror gem "Visage" has just launched on Game Pass and brings with it the improvements of next-gen hardware.

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SinisterMister52d ago

Visage is nice. Glad to see another Game Pass blessing coming towards us Series X owners.

TheRealTedCruz52d ago

Honestly never heard of it, but I love real horror games.
I have it for PC, but I'll definitely download this on Gamepass. Just got done with Psychonauts 2.

SinisterMister52d ago

Psychonauts 2 is awesome too, but do give this one a proper go. You'll like it.

iplay1up252d ago

Just downloaded today! Can't wait to check this out! My Series X and I are ready!


Hell of a month for horror games with Alan Wake Remastered, Visage , House of Ashes, and the physical next-gen version of A Plague Tale....and all at under $40 each 👌

Limitedtimestruggle51d ago

I wonder if we will get similar upgrades on PS5! I got it on sale, but 30fps feels not that great on an OLED.

dreamed51d ago

Strange control system in this game?

thesoftware73051d ago

I downloaded it on my laptop(GP) and my SX. I will try I over the weekend.

This looks like it would work great on my Oculus quest 2,(just got one and loving it).

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