Nintendo Switch OLED Review - It all comes down to the screen

With a new 7" OLED screen, revised case and enhanced dock, is the Nintendo Switch (OLED Model) a worthwhile upgrade? Our review.

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SullysCigar56d ago

7/10 sounds about right actually. They had the chance to do much more, even though it's just a freshen up.

I feel like they might as well have just waited for the replacement hardware, if this is all they were going to do.

Jin_Sakai56d ago

I’m pretty sure Switch OLED was going to be much more but thanks to the chip shortage Nintendo backtracked. Especially considering the new dock can output 4K and includes a 4K 60fps capable HDMI cord.

SullysCigar56d ago

That's interesting, and yes, I just read about the dock supporting 4k even though the Switch OLED doesn't, which is curious, and would point to you being correct.

Still, they could have tweaked the the price down a notch if they ended up lowering the specs. I guess if people will pay, though - and they will - the price isn't going to reflect those last minute changes, because why would they!