Xbox 360 has weakest exclusives says GamePro

Despite recent inroads in securing exclusive game IP from the PS3, GamePro thinks the Xbox 360 still lags behind both Sony and Nintendo when it comes to exclusive system-sellers. The editorial states that outside of Halo 3 and Gears, the 360's future lineup is "very slim." They continue, "Microsoft needs a few more great reasons to own an Xbox 360 because when the PS3 picks up some steam a year (or less) down the road, it's going to be a tough battle."

But wait, there's more! Apparently, GamePro forgot to mention Bioshock and Mass Effect at first -- two of the biggest and most anticipated 360 exclusives this year (oops!) ...

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TheMART4897d ago (Edited 4897d ago )

OH yeah right...

That's why Halo is the most anticipated title around HUH?

That's why Gears of War sold over 3 million copies in about 2 months to 10 million users (33% bought it that fast!).

That's why Bioshock is the most anticipated new IP
And Bioshock, Alan Wake, Too Human, Mass Effect...

Could go on and on, but for real. The 360 has the strongest line up.

@ Shadowflare (below)

Ah please man. Ofcourse Halo and Gears are mentioned first.

With the PS it's MGS4 always and only. For real.

Don't even go there.

Oh wait GT5. When will that one be out? Somewhere in the future?
Forza 2 is out in May this year. Forza 1, so the first edition, was on par, if not better then GT4 the fourth try for the game.

GT a game that has no collision when hitting a wall. No damage, no nothing. Is that a real driving sim game? Come on, that's kids stuff. Imagine Forza with one part equalling or even go over GT in four parts. Can you imagine what Forza in 2 parts can do? Right. Kill off GT

Lost Planet is nothing close to other shooters. The Japanese style, the end bosses. It's totally different to Gears.

Bioshock is exclusive. Those copies are the same over and over again of dying Sony fanboys at a Sony magazine that want it so bad. It's stated, Bioshock is exclusive to PC/360. End of discussion on that one.

You know what is funny, you keep coming up with old IP's. FF 345895732, GT5, MGS4... 360 has new, very exciting exclusives PS3 isn't getting. Well you might enjoy Afrika or Warhawk but it's not my cup of thee.

Huxley, will be having 5.000 people online in a world. It was big last E3.

There is so, so much more and you know it. But as long as blind Sony fanboys keep their head in Barbie Ken's ass... you won't see sh!t. Well actually you see sh!t, but well urm. Enjoy it.

Indeed, Fable 2, Banjo-Kazooie, Blue Dragon, Crackdown, Kameo, Condemned, Lost Oddyssey, PGR4, Shadowrun, Viva Piniata, Dead Rising, Kane&Lynch, Left 4 Dead, Command & Conquer 3, Two Worlds, Ninja Gaiden 2 etc etc etc

So many new IP's the PS3 isn't getting... Plus all those former PS exclusives that run over to multiplatform on the 360 also, Resident Evil 5, Fatal Inertia, Virtua Fighter 5, Assassins Creed, what's there to follow? DMC4 a Sony magazine said it would come over. Hell, MGS4 isn't even owned by Sony. Konami could bring it any day to the 360 if they like. What AAA titles that are real exclusives (1st party stuff) is there in Sony's camp?

What does the PS3 have now? Resistance, good but no AAA. Whats there? Nothing.

Priceless of the article is that they forgot about Mass Effect and Bioshock, and then added it. That makes this article totally rubbish, if they looked over them it's very, very clear they can't even write proper stories. As is your post Shadowgamer, if you read all the games coming for the 360


Nice, the sequals you're naming for the 360 are mostly 2nd, a few 3rd. The PS games on sequals are so old they're over 4. Tekken 6??? Ridge Racer 7???

So you can name six new IP's but those are all not as impressive as those of the 360. If we watch all the E3 awards 2006, all the other lists of anticipated games it's 360 games. As was Gears, and is Bioshock, Mass Effect and others. Too bad for you, but so true.

It doesn't matter if the 360 is out a year longer. Sony is just too late, they said they would launch spring 2006 world wide. It's not MS's fault they didn't.

Shadowflare, shadowgamer, if a name is that important too you, you sound like a little kid. Ya know I am talking to you and people that start talking bad mouth and calling other names, are weak and they feel they're weak. That's just Sony fanboys I guess. Young kids that can't take the truth and start to kick and yell. Pathetic

Shadow Flare4897d ago (Edited 4897d ago )

"The editorial states that outside of Halo 3 and Gears, the 360's future lineup is "very slim."

Geez, whenever top 360 games are mentioned, its always Halo and Gears. Thats the 2 that are always brought up. Both shooters.

As for Bioshock, as far as i know, thats a timed exclusive and will eventually come to the ps3. I thought it was a 360 exclusive but i keep seeing the game in the PlayStation Magazine. I dunno

Alan Wake, looks good but is it really gonna appeal the masses? Dunno if thats a system seller

Ive said it before but Too Human looks like a bad cross between God of War and robocop. Looks kak

Mass Effect looks pretty good, i can imagine that doing well.

Lost Planet was a game i was really looking forward to playing, cos it had alot of potential. I played a demo of it and it turned out to be just like every other shooter. It was hyped beyond belief and nothing can be said about Sony using CGI trailers for their games cos MS has been using CGI trailers to advertise their games like this one. At least Sonys games look near identical to THEIR trailers

Forza 2 - well if you want it but we got Gran Turismo 5. Nuff said

Fable 2 - we got Final Fantasy XIII and Versus. Nuff said

Halo 3, agreed will be awesome but for the first time its gonna have some potentially serious competition on its hands. And i'd be more than happy with Killzone 2 if its good enough.

Splinter Cell: Conviction - First time i've heard of this but we got Metal Gear Solid 4. Even though i know nothing about the new Splinter Cell, MGS4 will slaughter it.

You know, what else has the 360 got it can claim a AAA title?

Crackdown- yeah. The only reason people will buy that game is for the Halo 3 beta. I guarentee most people who buy the game will play the Halo 3 beta far more than crackdown

Huxley - wtf is Huxley?

You know, i really think this article is right. Not forgetting that half the games i mentioned involve shooting things. Whatever makes you happy



If im not mistaken, doesn't the box also have loads of sequals?

Halo 3
Forza 2
Fable 2
Project Gotham Racing 4
Dead or Alive 2 (or whatever it is)
Splinter Cell 50
Command & Conquer 3
Ninja Gaiden 2

And all in all, whats your problem with sequals anyway? If there ARE fresh titles coming out, can you please tell me what is wrong with a sequal? A game has a sequal because the last iteration was good. Which must mean that playstation must have some awesome franchises if we have games like Final Fantasy 13, Metal Gear Solid 4 and Gran Turismo 5.

And if you're looking for fresh titles, look no further then:

-Resistance: Fall of Man
-Heavenly Sword
-War Hawk

I think thats a pretty good list and all of those are pretty much expected to sell friggin' well. And don't rant on about 360 having more titles. It's been out for a year longer. Do the math.

And my name's Shadow Flare, not Shadow Gamer, you idiot

MissAubrey4897d ago (Edited 4897d ago )

You Talking about Xbox having too many sequels dude look earlier in youre post GT5 FF50 MG4 Killzone 3 or whatever it is.

frostbite064896d ago (Edited 4896d ago )

You shouldnt be allowed to post shadow flare. That was complete nonsense.

You're a douche

FeralPhoenix4897d ago (Edited 4897d ago )

Damm, ha ha this is too funny because its sounds almost exactly like what I said(others too) about that "system seller" article almost like a week ago. hmmm, I guess I'll save myself the time of explaining again and cut and paste my last post from that article:

[[[50 - #48 GaMr......Double Standard?...
"The list is based on what you call "Buzz worthy" games. Alot of the titles people are getting itchy about arent buzz worthy to people that are on the internet for games 24/7. There is tons of killer apps out there but most of them aren't brought to light until they launch get dammmn good reviews. Only then do they start to make a world wide buzz."

-Your logic makes no sense whatsoever in this particuliar situation. In fact basicly you are doing the same thing you accused other "fanboys" of; didn't you just make this statement?: "Fanboys live in a Fantasy world where they have convinced themselves everyone has the same thought process and mentality." -So you want us to believe that games like Heavenly Sword and Lair have more "buzz" than Mass Effect or Bioshock....simply because thats what YOU think, oh really, despite the fact that except for Halo 3 and Gears these are the 2 most talked about 360 games....and who's living in a Fantasy World? Guess what these two games can be found on just about any "nuetral gaming site" and in alot of Gaming Mag's, also they have recieved early recognition of possible Game of the Year nominations. Does this mean that the avg. 10 yr old or the avg. gamer knows about these games, "probably not" but why is that any different for Heavenly Sword and Lair?....I tell you why because ONLY in YOUR mind are those 2 games more "buzzworthy", ats why this "Marbles" guy list is FLAWED, not because he picked the PS3, but because it seems like he already had his mind made up before he started, he list NG: Sigma for PS3, but not NG: 2 for 360....Come on theres alot of things that show's he threw together a "sloppy" comparison just to get his "opinion" across....ha, ha, and Sonyfanboys were "drooling" all over it, knowing that it was very slanted.....then finally someone at Gamepro was like holy sh!t Marbles! forgot ME and Bio [kicks him in the a$$], what are you waiting for? GO FIX IT!....which BTW also makes your point very weak, because if these two are not suppose to be on the list then; Why the need for the change?....hmmm, guess Double Standards are OK for Sonyfanboys.

[EDIT] Its funny because I have read sooo many similiar comparisons sooooo many times and YES, some of those comparisons have ALSO picked the PS3, which is fine....but ANYBODY can see if that was an honest attempt to give the best info. available and then make a judgement based of your own experience....its nothing I say bad about Gamepro.....sadly this guy just didn't do a good job making a fair comparison....and the "proofs in the pudding" because if he had -then we would be arguing about "who's exclusives are better", not "he forgot...." and "he critisized Nintendo's lack of new IP's, but listed Sony's old IP's as...", and "Ratchet & Clank is a system seller?", etc. ]]]

-These comments from above are exactly what I posted a week ago Its funny how GaMr made some bold statements but never responded to my post? -Maybe he actaully re-thought his comments and figured he just got this one wrong....its OK, sh!t happens.

GaMr-4897d ago

you remembered me. I think I have a fan. lol

"These are my exact comments from that article a week ago Its funny how GaMr made some bold statements but never responded to my post? -Maybe he actaully re-thought his comments and figured he just got this one wrong....its OK, sh!t happens."

On the contrary slappy. I didnt get back to you cause I didnt have the time. Things got real hectic in the office. Now for your Mass Effect and Bio Shock Compared to Heavenly Sword and Lair. Here is how im going to break down your 15 page love letter your wrote me to one simply summary. You know the little pamphlet that comes with your console. The ones that tells you everything thats coming and whats already out. Well guess what Lair and Heavenly Sword were in the PS3 one. Matter a fact they are the first 2 games mentioned on the back of the box. So lets say I walk in a store. I pick up a PS3 box and read it. OMG there is Lair and Heavenly Sword right smack there. Hence "system seller" .

BioShock and Mass effect? ummm do those appear anywhere on the 360 box? Are they even in the little pamphlet that comes with the console? Didnt think so. To us more up to date gamers that keep track of upcoming things yeah its making buzz. But to majority of people that dont read forums threads and independent news sources. To the many people that will walk in a store and just look at the two boxes. Lair and Heavenly Sword are more so "system sellers" than Mass effect and BioShock". Most of the Mags talking about bioshock and websites havent been talking about it for all that long. So please give it a rest. Dont act like people see mass effect and bioshock coming a mile away. While Sony has taken steps to push advertisement on Lair and Heavenly sword. There is a gorgeous Lair trailer you can download in the PS3 store day 1 when you get your console. How many people you think will invite over their friends or show a relative like "hey look at this kick arse game coming to PS3".

Double standard. ha. bro give it a rest. I know exactly what im saying. The only reason Gamepro corrected themselves is because those games have recently gotten real popular and also to save face.

The Snake4897d ago

You can download a Lair trailer day 1 if you pick up a new PS3? SWEET! I wish you could do that for Mass Effect and Bioshock if you were to buy a 360 today. Oops, I must have forgotten can, and have been able to for several months.

Runnin n Gunnin4897d ago

No one is going to buy a game just because its on an effing box or a pamphlet, so that hardly makes Lair or Heavenly Sword system sellers. BTW, Mass Effect and Bioshock trailers have been up on Xbox Live for quite a while now, much longer then any trailers on the playstation network or whatever the hell you wanna call it.

SuicidalTendencies4897d ago

This is coming from Gamepro. The worst gaming magazine you could possibly buy. I wouldn't even buy Gamepro for toilet paper.

Captain Tuttle4897d ago

Gamepro really is terrible. I can't believe they're still around. They write for the highest bidder.

big_tim4897d ago

Gamepro is usually pro XBOX. But to each is his own. There are plenty of games on both systems to go around.

FirstknighT4897d ago

"But wait, there's more! Apparently, GamePro forgot to mention Bioshock and Mass Effect at first"

He forgot to mention 2 of the most wanted games for 2007??? Shows that this guy doesn't know what hes talking about.

It's already been said from many top websites and gamemagazines that the 360 has the better exclusives. Ps3 does have alot of exclusives but most of them are for kids: Jak and Dax, Ratchet and Clank, Sly Cooper, etc... The 360 is creating new franchises for the more mature crowd on the 360.