Microsoft Expects They Doubled Playstation Sales in November

With a casual-friendly interface, a low-priced console and a bevy of games, Microsoft believes that their Xbox 360 may have more than doubled Playstation sales last month, Aaron Greenberg, group product manager for Xbox 360 said today.

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BulletToothtony3600d ago

MS forgets WWWAAAAYYYY too often that the US is not the whole world...

DaKid3600d ago (Edited 3600d ago )

He says

"The PS3 is a third player, they are at risk of reaching a single digit market share," Greenberg added. "They are a premium priced product in a tough economic time. They have a tough position to try and sell a product."

Which I thought was pretty big of him, but then i read the rest and its just a bash fest. or quotes taken out of context. he will never change, non-the-less I expect sales for all 3 to be great.

cmrbe3600d ago

overestimate his intelligence.

EastCoastSB3600d ago

Whatever helps them sleep at night.

Bnet3433600d ago

It amazes me how baffled people are by PR.

drewdrakes3600d ago

I want a PS3, but i dont want to spend 400 bucks on one. Price drop please, then ill help them out.

Bnet3433600d ago

$400 PS3 sucks. 40 GB, no BC, no DS3. MGS4 Bundle is better. 80 GB, BC, DS3 included.

Sarcasm3600d ago

"$400 PS3 sucks. 40 GB, no BC, no DS3."

That's why there's the 80gb with DS3 included for $400. Which has been out for more than a little while now.

nycredude3600d ago

I think if yo go to playstation style and get a playstation cc card you get an istant $150 credit towards a $400 80 gig Ps3. That means it'll cost you $249 plus tax and shipping.

Get the card, order the Ps3, pre-order Killzone 2 and voila you joined the darkside and didn't break your wallet!

SL1M DADDY3599d ago

Has solidified his standing as one of the biggest douche bags in the industry. Nuff said.

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sonarus3600d ago

Didn't they say they tripled PS already?

Chicken Chaser3600d ago

Thats was only on Black Friday

Danja3600d ago

and even those Black Friday sales figures were proven to be Hoax..they doubled the PS3 sales on Black Friday not tripled..

still seems like the price cut did wonders for them...

Chicken Chaser3600d ago

Well me the Hoax?

As far as i can tell..i saw no one proving it was a hoax...but i might be who me

PimpDaddy3600d ago

Danja cant prove it. Why??? NPD results arent out yet, and even if they were it wouldn't show the single day sales for any of the 3 consoles for BlackFriday. It's just typical SDF FUD.

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Spike473600d ago

if they don't do some heavy marketing they would be shooting themselves in the foot again.

Sony should market K2 and put it on Mountain Dew cans.

mpmaley3600d ago

Sony could be in a much better position already if they just freaking advertised now. Games like Killzone 2 need a big marketing push. Sony has to stop relying on word of mouth. People need to be convinced to put $400/$500 down on a console.

happyface3600d ago

hmm, I remember hearing that resistance motorstorm and little kiddie planet were going to sells millions of ps3s like hotcakes too

for some reason that didn't quite work out.


dagger573313600d ago

it consistently amazes me how little Sony markets their games or doesn't get the name PS3 tagged onto the end of commercials. it seems to baffle them why amazing innovative games like LBP don't sell; well it's because only a small fraction of the mainstream people that buy games read websites like N4G and have no freaking clue these games exist!

PimpDaddy3600d ago

The SDF Mantra "Just Wait" is in full effect. FUD away boys. FUD away. First it was tust wait till the PS3 launches. Then it was 2007 is the year of the PS3. Just wait till Lair, WarHawk, Heavenly Sword, Ratchet and Clank, Uncharted. Then it was just wait till 2008. Just wait till GT5P, MGS4, LBP, RFOM2. Now its just wait till 2009. SDF must be really patient. Meanwhile the 360 and Wii continue to take marketshare away from the PS3.

You guys keep living on Planet Sony, the rest of us will live in the real world.

Bladestar3600d ago (Edited 3600d ago )

lol! 2009? you are hopping that Sony destroys the xbox 360 in term of sells? you have to be kidding me...

This year Sony had the best chance to do that... and they didn't... they had Metal Gear, Resistance 2, Motorstorm 2 and others and the xbox as you indicated the xbox 360 only had Gears 2....

The xbox 360 beat the PS3 even thought Halo in 2008.... what do you think it will happen with Halo Recon, alan wake, Forza 3 and others?

Remember... Microsoft said it was not going to be shy about announcing what they are working on which they will start doing as early as next month...

what PS3 game in 2009 can you bet your balls it can go head on with Halo Recon in terms of sells? Kill Zone 2? hah!

soljah3600d ago

hum maybe Sony has got it right, the ps3 is not going up against the wii and 360. the 360 and wii are going up against the ps2 and getting crushed. Sony has already announced over 100 ps2 titles for 09 and next year it will be at 99 selling like popcorn at every walmart and kmart in the country during xmas.
will probably be 2010 before Sony finally drops it and starts using the ps3 as their opp(opening price point) machine.

XDF3600d ago

because its hero is not green. Anyway who is the hero in KZ2?

Sergeant Osiris3600d ago

uhm PS3 was handily outselling 360 this year, you don't think M$ dropped the price TWICE because they cared about people's wallets, do you?

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Keele3600d ago

You don't need to ''expect'' anything, this war is in the frickin' BAG!

Microsoft will win, definitely.

JasonPC360PS3Wii3600d ago (Edited 3600d ago )

Combine the 360's console sales, game sales, services, online, marketplace, independent gaming, DLC, attach rate, accessories, game library, and price. Then come back and tell me which console is overall first place, if you have the balls to admit it.

BTW who's 2nd/56th droid account are you?

Xi3600d ago

And this matters to people because?

Its not like my ps3, xbox or wii will stop working if more people own one console or another.

NipGrip3600d ago

When your heralded corporation sells more units of their product you support, you get awards and medals in the mail for rooting them on on the internet.

I'm wondering when Sony is going to finally announce how many PS2's they've sold compared to the XBOX 1.

Software_Lover3600d ago

Oh. No wonder I never get any medals. I dont Give a F**K, LOL.
Maybe I should start flame baiting, LOL. Thanks for the heads up.

Genesis53600d ago

Well all my medals from Jan. to Sept. must have got lost in the mail. Shoot! I had just the place to put them too.

DiabloRising3600d ago


But hey, the fanboys have to have SOME material for their utterly pathetic pissing matches. MS just likes to remind people about 30 times a day.

Xi3600d ago

who covers the postage? I'd love to get some of my medals from the good ole atari days.

PimpDaddy3600d ago

Now that the shoe is on the other foot and the 360 is outselling the PS3 you guys dont care about sales. Or try to downplay the sales numbers by claiming Microsoft's "desperate' price reduction is the reason why.

Try this. How about $400.00 for the same graphics with a Blu-Ray player "tossed" in just doesnt sit well in our current economic climate. Or maybe the fact that when people go shopping and see a much larger library of 360 games they choose the 360 over the PS3.

Heaven forbid people may actually prefer the 360 to the PS3, or that Sony's brand name cant overcome the price tag disparity.

DiabloRising3600d ago

The problem being...

a) MS harps on this a good 4 - 5 times a month. It gets old.
b) It usually involves slamming the competition with backhanded compliments.
c) Sales really don't matter unless you own stock.
d) People use it as a lame excuse to not discuss the strength of the industry, but rather in fanboy pissing matches that devolve to "ur systum sux lulz111!!!!"

It's okay though, I'm sure you felt a quick need to defend a toy from the big bad forum posters. And if you think Xi is a fanboy, well... LOL.

Bladestar3600d ago

We get stuff better than medals... if lots of people buy the consoles we own we get GAMES!

What do you think about these medals that the xbox 360 will get?

Final Fantasy XIII.
Star Ocean 4.

what about all the other medals(3rd party games) that used to come to the Playstation that now also come to the xbox 360?

DMC, GTA, ect...

how about the medals that used to be on the PS2 but now are on the xbox 360?

Ace Combat, etc?

You see... it pays as a gamer if a lot more people buy the console you favor....

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