Game Revolution: Command & Conquer: Red Alert 3 PC Review

Game Revolution writes: "Every time I turn around these days, some zombified version of a franchise I once loved and I thought was dead lurches out of the shadows. In most cases, it really doesn't end too well, but much to my delight and surprise, Command & Conquer: Red Alert 3 is not one of those cases. Yes, friends, it's pretty good, and the gents at EA Los Angeles have done a mighty fine job. But let me get one key point out of the way early: Red Alert 3 is not a strong evolution of the series. It is, in fact, so similar to Red Alert 2 that I found myself stuck in memory lane far more often than I think the developers wanted me to be.

Just to be clear, being similar to Red Alert 2 is not a bad thing. I adored that game, and it was the first one in the series were I truly grokked the way C&C games work. I could certainly play and enjoy every other C&C game until then, but I was never any good at them – there was something about the unit balance and the tactical tools that left me, umm, ineffective. Since RA3 replicates much of RA2's balance and tactical style, though, I found myself adopting many of the old RA2 tactics forward with great success."

+ Strong unit balance
+ Fun, campy cut-scenes
+ Jonathan awesome Pryce
+ Looks and sounds good
+ Strong multiplayer
- Pathing AI is poor
- Entirely familiar ground for series regulars

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