New PlayStation Store Sale "Hidden Gems" Now Live for October 6, Over 400 Items Discounted

Sony has launched the new PlayStation Store sale for October 6, and it's called the "Hidden Gems" sale. There are over 400 titles discounted.

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105d ago
anast104d ago

Salt and Sanctuary maybe.

mastershredder104d ago

Come on. It's the same stuff on sale with a different sale event tag. Hardly any of these are "hidden gems". That's the gimmick, the gems are hidden in the sale composed of meh, I'll pass and mediocre titles.

Duke19104d ago

At this point I think mp1st is just reposting the same website link that they have had for the past few years. Always the same lol

104d ago
lipton101104d ago

I sometimes come on this site and see comments like this where people are utterly striving to see the negative.

I guarantee there’s a game in there you had your eye on that’s a good price now. But instead of seeing any positive, your entire comment is meant to tear down. Sad really

MrChow666103d ago

its way better than no sales at all

EvertonFC103d ago

If you can't find a game in that gem sale your not a gamer. There is literally loads of good games in there

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DeusFever104d ago

Picked up Hellblade for $6. Good sale.

RyanShutup104d ago

thanks for mentioning this... I looked through the list and didn't notice this game but I just went back and picked it up!

babadivad103d ago

I thought the ending could have been better.