You can ride Orbital’s rocket in Battlefield 2042, but it won’t take you into space

Ever since the screenshots of Orbital’s rockets started doing the rounds on social media, Battlefield 2042 fans have had one question on their minds and one question only: can you ride the rocket? Well, after sitting through a recent media briefing with the developers, we’ve got good and bad news for you.

For those blissfully unaware of how the rocket works in Orbital, let us explain. The map, although fairly big, is focused around a rocket launch site, where soldiers, vehicles, and aircraft come to play. Except in this levolution, the rocket launch sequence is automated and it’s up to players whether they allow the rocket to take off or destroy it – and the launch site – before it can take to the skies.

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LordoftheCritics62d ago

Can you rendezook a rocket tho?

SyntheticForm62d ago

But can you untether an email address linked to EA that's over 10 years old and currently defunct? As of this moment I just blew 70 dollars with no foreseeable recourse.

LordoftheCritics62d ago

So DICE has to take the heat?

Go find a tech support section or something.

SyntheticForm61d ago

I didn't give DICE heat; I'm talking about EA.

Get lost, buddy.

LordoftheCritics61d ago

You're in an article talking about the game. You bs issue is bringing negativity to the game more than EA.