Why Rockstar Games Hasn't Made Single-Player DLC for GTA 5 or Red Dead Redemption 2

GTA 5 and Red Dead Redemption 2's online offerings are massive successes, making it unlikely for Rockstar Games to go back to singleplayer DLC.

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Hofstaderman62d ago (Edited 62d ago )

Didnt bother to read the article. My guess would be because the online multi-player is very popular and the base game has been released on three generations of consoles and still sells well? This refers to GTA V

Phoenix7662d ago

Yep, your absolutely right.
It takes this article 6 full paragraphs to come to the same answer.

myfathersbastard62d ago

Yeah that is exactly why. But it still makes no sense to me. R* was known for putting out some of the most compelling expansions of the time with Undead Nightmare, the ballad of gay Tony and lost and damned.
It really seems like leaving money on the table so to speak. Like I don’t play the online for eith RDR or GTA. But I would 100% buy some single player DLC for both. And I’m sure a large part of the community is the same way. It’s not going to take away from the people who like the online modes so I’m not sure why not just make the DLC to get the single player people back. I haven’t touched GTA5 in a few years so wouldn’t it be better to give people like me a reason to actually come back and maybe even buy the next gen version AGAIN for it. Seems like a waste to me.

roadkillers62d ago

If Rockstar is like any other corporation, they run a cost-reward analysis. If their cost is relativity low have employees do one thing and reward is high, this is what they will op for.

Ex: The cost reward ratio for maintaining GTA5 is low while the reward is high. Creating a GTA5 expansion would probably be medium cost and high reward. It takes many more departments to be involved in a large expansion release vs small incremental updates.

jivah61d ago

Makes no sense to you? Must be poor. They run a basic maintenance budget for an old ass game that continues to rake in billions. Versus spending hundreds of millions on making new content... and it doesnt make sense to you?

myfathersbastard61d ago


“Must be poor” lol
And you must be delusional if you think DLC would cost hundreds of millions to make. They aren’t creating a new game. Just re using assets and maybe 20mill max creating some new storyline stuff. Plus pretty much everyone who bought RDR2 and GTA5 would buy into the DLC packs. Plus create new interest in the next gen version. There’s not a chance in hell they wouldn’t make massive profit on any expansions released.

PS-Gamer-198661d ago (Edited 61d ago )

" I haven’t touched GTA5 in a few years so wouldn’t it be better to give people like me a reason to actually come back and maybe even buy the next gen version AGAIN for it. "

Same for me. They could add whatever to gta online, give billions ingame cash and i still wouldn't touch it anymore. An expansion on the other hand, i would buy in a heartbeat.

Unfortunately i believe there would be millions and millions who would take a break for a few day or weaks from online, to play the expansion which would result in losses because people wouldnt buy these stupid shark cards during those days

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dbcoops62d ago

So long as people keep paying for the online stuff Rockstar doesn't have much incentive to do anything else really.

Dirty_Lemons62d ago

Shame because Undead Nightmare was one of the best DLC I ever played.

porkChop62d ago

UN was great, as was TBoGT.

myfathersbastard62d ago

How did you get downvotes? Undead Nightmare and The Ballad of Gay Tony were both fantastic. I really liked The Lost and The Damned as well.

porkChop62d ago

Red Dead Online is not a massive success. There's a reason they had stopped advertising GTA Online for a while and started pushing RDO super hard. There's a reason you can buy RDO standalone but not GTA Online. RDO has players, but it never really took off like GTA Online did.

When RDO first came out it was fun, but really difficult to earn any money, and everything was like 100x more expensive than in the SP. When players complained, Rockstar said they wanted the game to be fun for the community so they would listen to the feedback and rework the in-game economy.

Rockstar reworked the economy alright, they made it significantly *harder* to earn any money and slashed the sell values of everything. Since then they've continuously cut the values of the animals people were hunting and even made them less likely to spawn. For months they removed a ton of animal spawns entirely and said it was a "bug". They've tried to stranglehold the community and force them to buy currency.

That's why RDO never took off. Everything people don't like about GTA Online is 10x worse in RDO. Aside from hardware constraints, that's another big reason why Rockstar is so focused on GTA Online now and aren't in a rush to release GTA VI yet. They know they can't abuse the community, and they know they won't be able to replicate GTA Online's success.

anast62d ago

I agree. RDO was fun at first, but grinding for week just to change the color of a trigger on one gun is absurd. They also stop making the small one shot stories and pushed PvP Fortnite with cowboys.

jBlakeeper62d ago

Exactly! GTA Online is still doing extremely well and releasing a new entry could cut into the sales and take players away from GTA online. People will also be expecting some kind of update to the online mode and that is easier said than done considering Rockstar’s unwillingness to mess with the GTA online formula.

TheRealTedCruz62d ago

Because jackasses will pay hundreds of dollars buying easily made assets for their online components.

Muigi62d ago (Edited 62d ago )

Sounds like any MMO.

TheRealTedCruz62d ago


Many MMOs thrive off of subscriptions or expansion releases.

When talking about what were always primarily single player experiences, and then the popularity of the MP component sees games like GTA 5 releasing over 3 generations with not 1 expansion pack, that's the issue.

Has me worried if when, finally, GTA 6 releases, they actually even put the same amount of effort into the actual campaign as they have in the past.

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