Gamereactor awards GOTY 2008 to LBP

Game of the year
1. Little Big Planet A platforming game was neccesary to demonstrate the power of the PS3.

2. BRAID A little streak of genious

3. GTA IV A story critiquing the society lets the series become adult on the nextgenconsoles.

Design of the year
1. Mirrors Edge Clean
2. Little Big Planet
3. No More Heroes

Online game of the year
1. Little Big Planet Ready for all creative players
2. Resistance 2 Ambitious, fresh and huge
3. Rock Band 2 Jump inn and out of virtual bands

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cmrbe3599d ago

I am actually rooting for my man snake.

PoSTedUP3599d ago

yes, this years goty should be solid, pun intended : ).

Danja3599d ago (Edited 3599d ago )

It deserves it just as much as MGS4 IMO..both games are tied for my book

MGS4 not in the top 3 for GOTY , but GTA4 and Braid gets in..?

ne ways it's Gamesreactor...XD

- Ghost of Sparta -3599d ago (Edited 3599d ago )

LBP deserves this award. I can't say the same about any other game I played this year. Not even the masterful MGS4.

cmrbe3599d ago

MGS4 is the best game i have played in my 23 years of gaming. LBP is the freshest experience since Mario for me.

arika3599d ago

at least this gaming site got it right. well i was rooting for lbp and mgs4, so i'm happy with the results and i agree that this is just one of many awards along with mgs4. believe it!

sunnygrg3599d ago

Well done Media Molecule. You single-handedly fine tuned the 3D platforming genre. Now, everyone will know how to do it right.

Also, note that Online game of the year: LBP. The game is fun when playing with 3 other friends.

Daver3599d ago


i totally agree with you

Sarcasm3599d ago

I find it strange Gears of War 2 isn't voted as much as I'd thought.

Megatron083599d ago

naming one of the biggest flops of the year as goty no wonder no ones ever heard of that site before

bviperz3599d ago

Sackboy and MM gets some well deserved credit, proving you don't have to sell like a Champ to be called one. Because if you did, then we would have nothing but Wii games for GOTY.

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rucky3599d ago

The one of many GOTY awards LBP it will be getting. As pp would say "LBP GOTY CONFIRMED!!!! FACT!"

scarslasher3599d ago

Why would they name 3 GOTYs?

Surely these are just nominations.

Danja3599d ago

1st and 2nd runners up.i guess

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The story is too old to be commented.