Sony Is Making It Harder To Buy Digital PS3 And Vita Content On October 27

Sony reversed its decision to shut down the digital storefronts earlier this year but now it's getting rid of payment options.

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Eidolon785d ago (Edited 785d ago )

Not bad enough to kill the market yet, but not being able to purchase on the console, is weird. But I'm just glad they still allow purchasing on these platforms, albeit with store credit.

thorstein784d ago

It's because they want the full profit on those games which are dropping in price. The Visa/ Mastercard/ Discover fee per purchase is not decreasing. Those are set. It makes sense from that perspective.

Seraphim784d ago

@ thorstein - kind of makes sense. Though, I don't think it's that much when talking about $10-60 purchases. We're talking about the equivalent of taxes probably; just a few dollars at $60. though I admit I have no idea what the fees are.... At the same time, for how greedy every single corporation is in todays world I could see that being a reason. I also just see this is a way to close the shops completely by saying not enough sales are taking place and it's time to close shop. Granted that would likely be 1-2+ years from now. Death by 1 cut.

I think in 2010 I was buying a 4 wheeler and had planned to put about $700 on a card instead of waiting for payday and to keep $1k in savings. The retailer told me straight up, anything over $500 we charge you what the cardholders charge us. It threw me off guard but as a small business... end of the day I understood and was ok with it.

Petebloodyonion785d ago

Somehow I really feel that Sony want's to pull a Nintendo or a Remedy and re-release classic Ps3 games at premium price.
Having a store that allow you to easily access the same game for a fraction of the price would be counter productive for that goal.

JEECE785d ago

Well, let's be real, what most people want is a way to play these games on PS4/PS5. If they release them there as you say, the fact that there's a way to buy them on PS3 (which most people either don't have or no longer want to use) is not going to be a major factor to most people. I mean I own a PS3 but I'd rebuy some of these games if they'd make them more stable.

Petebloodyonion785d ago

I agree that the majority of ppl wants to play the old game on the newer system but you would be surprised how many ppl are still playing Ps3 games online so that's mean there are still also ppl playing the system offline as well.
(here's an interesting vid about it https://www.youtube.com/wat...
Also, I would have no problem buying them on Ps5 if they would be in a comparable price range but Sony seems to be more like Nintendo and charging you the premium price vs the discount price of the old version
and on the plus side, it also gives more value to a subscription service like PS now where you could play the PS3 version of the game at a fraction of the price.

Yui_Suzumiya784d ago

Yeah, my PS3 is hooked up to my TV along with my PS4 but I just haven't touched either system in awhile since I've been primarily playing my Switch Lite for the last few months. Do plan on getting Alan Wake Remastered next week though 😁

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pietro1212785d ago

Releasing Alan Wake HD at $30 was a pretty good deal. Most remasters are over priced, but this one was priced just right.

Petebloodyonion784d ago

But you can still buy the original PC game at half the price on EPIC GAME Store or the complete package on Steam for 5$ less (including American Nightmare)
But you are right it's a decent price when compared to the old 360 version that does not include the DLC and is still sold at 26$ (CDN)
And that you are still able to buy on an Xbox 360 console

pietro1212784d ago (Edited 784d ago )

Not on the console you can't, the majority of the market. I'm not going to buy a 360 just to play one game when I can I play it on my Ps5.

Petebloodyonion784d ago

You can still buy Alan Wake on the Xbox 360 digital store for 26$ Cad$ and that version is compatible with Xbox1 and Serie X
and Like I mentioned The Remaster is the better deal here (on PS5 or Serie X) since the Remaster offers you the graphical update, the performance update, the developer's comments, and the 2 DLC for 40$.

Now in contrast the Remaster version on PC is 33$ (EGS) and you can buy the complete package on Steam (including American Nightmare and dev comment plus digital book) for 28$.
Important to note that the basic PC version offers 60 frames per second and High resolution but no reworked textures.

In the end, the price is in a similar range to the old game.

EmperorDalek784d ago

You call that a good deal? Half the price of a new game, when it's just a higher resolution version of an 11 years old game? At most, it should be $20.

MadLad784d ago


How cheap did you want the thing to be? They reworked the character models and cut scenes. Upped the overall visuals by a solid degree; and brought it to an entirely new platform, making use of things like haptic feedback. They also retooled the spatial audio.

I've seen many do a lot less, and ask for much more.

I mean, damn. I spent 2 generations watching Sony repackage PS2 games for the PS3, and PS3 games for the PS4 and typically offering barebones updates, though asking a premium.

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ABizzel1785d ago

I doubt it otherwise they would have already capitalized on all the remake request that fans have been asking for and making change.orgs for. Nor are they going to the lengths of Nintendo of blocking ROMS sites and creating emulation legal action warning for ISPs to send to their users accessing those sites.

Nintendo is all about blocking all software unless it comes from them, they want every penny they can to stay in house.

PlayStation just isn't going back to those games unless because it's a extremely small minority of gamers who want to play Native PS1 / PS2 games or PS3 games for that matter in comparison to potentially millions who'd want to play those games with PS4 / PS5 level graphics and enhanced gameplay and controls. If a game has a fairly large cult-followings then they'll try to remake it (Demon's Souls for example), otherwise you're better off emulating it.

Emulation is easy hence why any flagship cellphone from the last 5 years can effortlessly emulate everything from the GC/PS2/Xbox+ Wii generation and before, the problem is legal license, and Sony and to a lesser extent Xbox aren't going back and fighting those battles for original Xbox games, or PS2 / PS1 games. PS3 is just getting emulated.

1Victor784d ago

I don’t care if that gives me a Warhawk /Starhawk remastered, hell I’ll even take them as is with just the controls for PS5 for $60.
I know I’ll get disagree and to them I’ll say only those that have never played those games will disagree with my point of view

Atticus_finch784d ago (Edited 784d ago )

"Then why not be upfront with it?"
Because Sony is not your BF.

Petebloodyonion784d ago (Edited 784d ago )

Sony does need to be my BF
My point is simple Sony would simply avoid some backlash from fans and current users by giving a bit more context. Instead, they are again doing the same type of announcement that basically blew up in their face the last 2 times.
Expect influential Youtuber channels to pick the story tomorrow and give it their own spin (like they did with the store closing announcement).
A situation that Sony could easily avoid by just giving context like they are doing for explaining the PS5 shortage and even better getting praised if they would say something like earlier this year we mentioned that updating the legacy store was an issue but you have let us know that you still want to purchase your game on older systems and they proceed to with the explanations.

The case would be closed no assumption, no wondering, etc.

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JEECE785d ago

Lol there's also been a bug on Vita for like a week where games you got via PS Plus won't download.

JEECE785d ago

That's annoying. I just got a larger memory card for my Vita and found out about it a few days ago when I tried to download some more stuff to fill it up, and then I checked out the Vita subreddit and they were acting like it was about a week old. What you say is even worse though, obviously.

Knightofelemia785d ago (Edited 785d ago )

Just one more step before turning off the lights with the PS3 time flies fast.

JEECE785d ago

It is a bit sad. For all its flaws (and in some cases because of them), PS3 will probably always be my favorite console. I had a PlayStation and PlayStation 2 (along with Gameboy Pocket and Gameboy Advance), but PS3 is when I really got into gaming and became more aware of the industry and what games were actually good, etc.

Knightofelemia785d ago (Edited 785d ago )

PS3 in my eyes is one of my favorite systems next to the PS2 it has a feature I wish the PS4 and PS5 could do and that's playing PS1 games right out of the box. My PS3 helped me through some troubling times and she still runs like a tank. I went out of my way to swap the thermal paste and the cmos and cleaned the inside surprisingly no dust insides of her. Out of all my consoles I have from SMS, SNES, Genesis, my PS3 and my Saturn are my most favorite consoles I own. If a game piques my interest that I never played I might buy it for the PS3 or check and see if the 360 port works on XB1. I usually put the title on the XB1 just to lighten the load off my PS3.

cammers1995785d ago

PS3 is also my favorite Sony console. It had just so many good games. My favorite being GTA IV and Saints Row 2.

Petebloodyonion785d ago

I think 2d videogames peaked with PS3 and Xbox 360.
The majority of the games still hold pretty well today and the majority of the tropes created then are still used today.
Heck GTA5 has been a staple of video games since then.

MadLad784d ago

I liked the PS3, but I got it very late in the generation, and mostly to play Last of Us, though I did find a number of other interesting games, being mostly a PC guy and having access to most games either way.

When I got a PS4 Pro though, that was a game changer. I had a blast with it. I bought a lot of games for it. My favorite console, alongside the original Xbox and N64.

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MetroidFREAK21785d ago

Still gotta buy a few PS1 Classics on my PS3. Guess I should do that real soon