Spanish Charts (week 48,2008)

1. Mario Kart Wii (Wii)
2. Wii Play (Wii)
3. Pro Evolution Soccer 2009 (PS2)
4. Need for Speed Undercover (PS3)
5. Wii Fit (Wii)
6. Resistance 2 (PS3)
7. Call of Duty: World At War (PS3)
8. Pro Evolution Soccer 2009 (PS3)
9. Need for Speed Undercover (PS2)
10. Pokemon Ranger 2: Shadows of Almia (NDS)

PS3 - 4
Wii - 3
PS2 - 2
NDS - 1
X360 - 0

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fuzon3601d ago

PS3 - 4
X360 - 0

This should give u an idea about how x360 is doing in europe

Elven63601d ago

This is only for Spain

N4PS3G3601d ago (Edited 3601d ago )

doing in europe? lol Spain is not Europe

UK Week 49

TOP 40
X360-13 games
PS3-7 games

and UK is bigger and more important than Spain

The ps3 selling more games in smaller PAL regions does not change the fact that it getting outsold by xbox 360 in Europe right now.

Why o why3601d ago

the point is if you add up all the small countries (if you can call them that) it shows that ps3 install base has more than likely overtaken the 360's in Europe. The uk is the only stronghold in europe for the 360. Pull up ALL of the recent top 10s and you'll see. If you dont then keep sipping that purple stuff man, yeah i know it tastes like grape;) If you play the attach rate card you'll also see that there cant be that many units out there and i KNOW those 'non game' buying 360 owners aren't watching blu ray movies.

Europe = sony and nintendo

cmrbe3601d ago

It seems like the rest of Europe as well except for UK only. Even Chartrack in Ireland and Denmark shows better results for the PS3. I bet even Germany and France also favours the PS3 so really its not just Spain.

TOO PAWNED3601d ago

Spain small nation? If i am correct it has almost 50 million of population, and if that is "small"

JOLLY13601d ago (Edited 3601d ago )

I am so proud of all of you. You all have nasim already down to 2 bubbles. I mean seriously, his new id has only been on the site for 3 hours. Good going all. can we get him down to 1 in less that 8 hours?

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LarVanian3601d ago

Seriously do the Spanish just completely despise the 360 and everything it stands for? lol

SuperM3601d ago

Im telling you man, 360 is nowhere near as big in the rest of the world as it is in the US. The dominating gaming media however is in the US. Thats why we always gets these articles about how bad PS3 are doing and how 360 is kicking ass. Infact the US is the only region where 360 is ahead of the PS3. If sony can close the gap in the US then they have won the war.

sinny3601d ago

US + UK = 360 rules , omg lolz!
Rest of the World = 360 ? what's that? the sequel to 300?

Really guys, even if the 360 is a great console ( when it works ) you should know that the rest of the world just don't care.

Jackthepwnsaur3601d ago

Its a Spanish Inquisition against the 360!!!!

mephman3601d ago

If Microsoft want to throw millions into advertising in the UK then it's hardly surprising. The funny thing is though, Sony have done little to no advertising and they're still competing quite happily.

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xg-ei8ht3601d ago

Neither does it change the fact that the 360 is cheap, and yep the price is cheap as well.

PS3 is doing fine for it's price.

Nathan Drake3601d ago

It makes it seem even sadder for the 360 in Europe

Nathaniel_Drake3601d ago

And the PS2 needs to be scrapped, why?

cmrbe3601d ago

you can also add Ireland and Denmark

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