Coming Soon to Xbox Game Pass: Back 4 Blood, Destiny 2: Beyond Light for PC, and More

Xbox Wire: "Welcome back to your monthly Xbox Game Pass update! We have several great games to add to your ever-growing play list, like Final Fantasy XIII, The Artful Escape, and more. Apologies to those who like to keep detailed lists on what to play next; it’s going to need some updating after reading this post. So, let’s get to it!"

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Rocosaurus61d ago

Good stuff! Riftbreaker looks great.

spicelicka61d ago

Wow Back 4 Blood, how many Day one releases have there been it's crazy!

CaptainHenry91661d ago

I played Black 4 Blood beta and that game sucked, well at least the beta did. Visage is a good game though

Oeazy30561d ago

Lol the master of the downplay

CaptainHenry91661d ago

Downplay? Because I didn't like the Beta?

Petebloodyonion61d ago

Suck to see Katana Zero leave the service it's really a great game.
I hope some ppl give it a try before it leaves.

Highrevz61d ago

Top tier indie game, i loved everything about it.

It might see a release onto PlayStation now it’s leaving gamepass and there’s still free dlc planned to come.

instantstupor61d ago (Edited 61d ago )

As a heads up to anyone interested, Katana Zero is included in this month's Humble Choice. It comes with other games (sadly only a few others interest me this time around) but it is still hard to beat the price for 12 games.

Petebloodyonion61d ago

I'll be honest to say that Humble offering went from bad to worse since Epic decided to give frees games.
A lot of the indies games offered in the Humble are the same ones that are found on Epic Game store or offered 2 months afters

instantstupor61d ago (Edited 61d ago )

Yeah, between Epic's free stuff and the free games you get with Amazon Prime Gaming, there is a greater chance for overlap for sure. I claim everything I can, and this month's Choice includes 2 games I've gotten for free between Prime & Epic.

That said, even if I look at it like: I'd pay $5 for Katana Zero and $5 for Ring of Pain (both games I have on my wishlist), then I'm getting the other 8 games for $2. Or, worst case, $6 each for KZ & RoP, and the rest of the games are free. Even looking at ITAD, those are better prices than they've been on sale on their own. So still, while not every game may be what I want, the price is still solid. And more months than not, I'm getting more than 2-3 games that interest me that I also don't own.

JayRyu61d ago

Yes that's why I bought it after trying it out on Gamepass.

Hate on Gamepass if you want but that doesn't negate how much of a great service it is. Back 4 Blood next day 1!? I'm there.

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Orchard61d ago

It still blows my mind that we're getting Back4Blood day 1. Hype.

61d ago
Fntastic61d ago

I might try GP on PC since new users can pay £1 or whatever, just so I can see what the full game of B4B is like.

I think for me tho S&box will likely outclass it in terms of pure replayability, support (devs said 10-20 yr support) and fun given it will have many game modes.

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