Alan Wake Remastered Collectibles Guide: Every Coffee Thermos Location

GameByte writes: "Alan Wake Remastered features 100 total coffee thermos collectibles to find. Here's a guide to finding them all in your playthrough!"

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717d ago

PlayStation Plus Monthly Games for July: Cold War, Alan Wake Remastered, Endling

The Monthly Games lineup of Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War, Alan Wake Remastered and Endling – Extinction is Forever will be available to PlayStation Plus members on Tuesday, July 4 until Monday July 31.

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crazyCoconuts86d ago

Another great month imo. The COD campaign on this one was great fun. I've never played Alan Wake, so a PS5 version of that is a perfect way to prepare for the next one...

taurul86d ago

You're in for a treat with Alan Wake. It still holds after so many years.
For me it's the best psychological thriller I've ever played that is not Silent Hill.
Alan Wake 2 is my most wished sequel of all time, waiting for it since 2010...

bloop86d ago (Edited 86d ago )

Sweet!! I never got around to playing it on the 360 but always wanted to. Looking forward to next month!!

Crows9086d ago

Agreed. You see I'm surprised that Microsoft hasn't bought remedy...of all the studios in their list....I'd assume remedy would be an obvious based on real actual relationships.

I liked Alan Wake and am super excited for Alan Wake 2. Hopefully turns out great ..I've actually liked ALL of their games including quantum break...except for the TV show part.

Christopher86d ago

I've never bought a CoD game, but now due to PS+, I 'rent' like 8 of them or so. I played one a few times with my nephews. Still not my cup of tea. But, it's interesting to see how many CoD games PS+ can throw at me.

LG_Fox_Brazil86d ago

Pretty damn good, I almost bought Alan Wake last month, glad I held my wallet

REDGUM86d ago

I picked up my copy of it 2nd hand just last Saturday. agghhh. If only I had waited just a little more longer.

Knushwood Butt86d ago

Me too, it's been on my wishlist for months. Glad I held out!

Elda86d ago

A pass for me due to playing Cold War & Alan Wake already.

phoenixwing86d ago

Glad I didn't buy cold war or Alan wake. Now I can enjoy them for the stories

Kassanova0786d ago

I was curious about both. Great timing!