Whose Co-Op is Best?

Looking for a game you can play with your friends? GamesRadar has dispatched their crack team of editors to sort through six of this holiday's top games and deliver a verdict on the season's best co-op offerings.

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tatotiburon3598d ago

Winner: L4D, confirmed more online players doesn't mean a better MP

LarVanian3598d ago

I agree with your logic.
Resistance 2 is the worst game ever for having lots of players online.
Now if only you actually went and played the game, you would see how addicting earning XP and shooting primary fire and alt. fire against other players is.

In the words of Mr Colbert
"Be a hater. Not a gamer."

tatotiburon3598d ago

i'm on my third prestige in COD4 and firt in COD5, so i know how addicting is earn xp. Still L4D owns R2

TooL 3163598d ago

resistance without a doubt, has the best Co-Op. L4D is boring.

dachiefsman3598d ago

L4D boring? wow have you played it? I doubt it cause its far from boring.

I would say L4D then Gear 2 followed by R2. They all are fun equally.

Shaka2K63598d ago

Grays co-op is so small because xbugs dont have alot of friends, Sony PS players on the other hand can fill a house party with just a couple of calls.

grays 1.5 co-op only 4vs4 welcome to the psx era LMAO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

8 co-op only on Sony PS3 welcome to real next gen.

Vulcan Raven3598d ago

Gears Coop is far superior for local play. For online Resistance hands down. The lack of a checkpoint system in resistance 2 offline coop, is very frustrating, so i prefer Gears 2 offline.

rbluetank3598d ago (Edited 3598d ago )

Resistance wins hands down. when it works it has everything going for it. the different types of monsters that "gitchslap" you,punch you,kick you,throw you,gun blunt you,shoot you ect... R2 has XP and customization of characters and well as diferent characters with different ablities.

Gears2 Mp is broken period!!! i rather roll rocks into a gopher hole then wait for a match to be found after 20minutes or more. When it does works you play a glitch filled match of 2 rounds or 5 round matches on un balanced boards. WTF This sghit is sloppy Dev work! why do we all spawn in the same spot as the enemie are leaving or not. People or plating gernades in the same spawn spot as you spawn at. there is a regular gernade glitch when you try to pick up a gernade on the ground. the gernade is laying down in the same spot as the regular gernade. you can not tell what you are picking up..."boom you are dead" lol sad! they have certain boards that has your spawn spot right across from a torque bow or sniper rifle. right when you spawn they are killing you before you even blink.

L4Dated. graphic are just bad. lets see a bunch of cripple zombies with nothing but finger nails chasing you. Do anybody remember R4. i expect zombies to be carrying pitchforks,knifes, ect.. or just some type of weapons besides finger nails. the 4 boss zombies can not upgrade the stale gameplay after a couple of times threw the game. just one man opion.

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