PSA: Scoop up Home closed beta items while you can

PlayStation Home will finally open to the masses tomorrow, and so will its revamped shops, featuring clothing, furniture, and decor from various real-world partners. But what about all the stuff that's available now to closed beta participants? We suggest you grab it while you can.

We have it on good word that some (if not all) of the items currently available to "purchase" – and thus outfit your avatar and personal space with – will not be available in the Home Open Beta. They will still appear and be accessible tomorrow to those who grabbed them in time. So, buy now ... or pay (with regret) later.

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steve30x3691d ago

I already grabbed everything on there.

BeaArthur3690d ago

Me too...well at least everything I wanted anyways. As long as they let me keep the summer home, and the furniture I put into it, I'll be good.

ReBurn3690d ago

I grabbed it all, whether I wanted it or not.

Tormento3691d ago (Edited 3691d ago )

After i heard we will keep the stuff over to open beta i got all the freebies i could except the clubs

rbanke3690d ago

this story is kinda outdated allready, Home servers are allready down for the update.

40cal3690d ago

You cant log in right now.

Good thing I already got all the goodies. When Sony put this stuff up on the closed beta they stated it would only be free for a limited time.

Trollimite3690d ago

i did that the second they were in the store

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The story is too old to be commented.