I'm Not A Halo Fan, And Even I'm Enjoying Halo Infinite

PureXbox : You might want to chew me out for this one, reader, but I'm not what you'd call a "Halo fan". Have I played (most of) the games? Sure. Could I tell you the story details of the campaigns or name the famous maps in the multiplayer modes? Nope. For whatever reason, Halo passed me by in the early years, and I never really caught up.

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SullysCigar53d ago

Glad to hear you're enjoying it,

sammarshall10253d ago

😂😂😂 Aaron Greenburg typed it up himself lol jk

4Sh0w52d ago

Maybe, lol jk....but Im sure Aaron Greenburg playing it all by himself couldn't have kept interests in Halo Infinite very competive this whole year & surely Greenburg himself couldn't have caused a game with a smaller userbase to spike well beyond juggernauts like COD Vanguard & Battlefield 2042 during the test flights...nah I just think Infinite is turning out to be a very good (multiplayer) game so far and thus generated well deserved positive buzz.

-Personally as huge Halo fan since the beginning, I love, love what Ive seen so far so I cant wait until launch.

LordoftheCritics52d ago (Edited 52d ago )

You might want to chew me out for this one, reader, but I'm not what you'd call an "Oxygen fan". Have I breathed a lot of Oxygen? Sure.

spicelicka52d ago

Can't ignore the bias there lol, but you'd be surprised at how many Xbox fans don't play halo anymore or have never played it. Half my friends own an xbox and they're too closed minded to give any Halo game a chance.

porkChop52d ago

So should we automatically disregard every site that has Nintendo or PlayStation in its name too, or are those ok?

Ron_Danger52d ago

More taken with a grain of salt. Just like if the same website also gave it a 10/10 and said it was the GOAT.

All the website with fanservice names need to be looked at this way.

porkChop52d ago

Taking something with a grain of salt is one thing. I can agree with that.

Zhipp52d ago

Sites with names like "nintendofan" or "playstationfan" etc exist to give a fans perspective on titles on those systems. That doesn't necessarily mean that they'll automatically like everything that is put out on their platform of choice. In my experience, sites like these can sometimes give a more nuanced and consistent view than more general reviews from sites like IGN or Gamespot, because their reasons for liking/disliking a title come from a clearly understood place.

sammarshall10253d ago (Edited 53d ago )

I'm only interested in the SP. If the campaign isn't good then the game as a whole won't be good

darthv7252d ago (Edited 52d ago )

Personally, I havent played a campaign I didn't like. All of them have their pros and cons but they progress the story of the MC in their own way. Even the spin offs [ODST and Reach] had good campaigns. I'm sure i will get plenty of disagrees but, to each their own.

Skywalker33352d ago

I agree on everything except 5.
5 had some very interesting changes in the gameplay like the jets and the climbing so I loved the gameplay, but daaaamn the campaign was terribly written and uninspired.
Halo is popular because of its multiplayer, for sure. BUT it is very well loved by a huge amount of people for its campaign too. So hopefully this time they can deliver on that front too, MS needs such a win.

Yui_Suzumiya52d ago

Agreed.. I've never bought games for multi-player and never will.. even stuff like Call of Duty

Zhipp52d ago

Well this one's f2p so you're in luck I guess.

TheHan52d ago

I can’t believe I’m saying this but I hate this flight test. For someone being a super soldier “spartan” you hardly feel like one. Absolutely dislike the direction they’ve gone.

Jin_Sakai52d ago (Edited 52d ago )

You’re definitely in the minority. I thought it was great and had tons of fun. That’s also coming from someone who didn’t have much faith in 343i and Halo. Playing the tech test completely changed changed my mind.

Sayai jin52d ago

You a super soldier goinng against other super soliders. So no, you won't be overpowering to other supet soldier.

TheHan51d ago

Being a super soldier doesn’t mean you should be overpowered, yet you shouldn’t feel like a damn no body with high gradable power suits.

aaronaton52d ago

If only every developer got a 1 year bail out because their game looked shite....

darthv7252d ago

Given the overall situation in 2020... I believe they all did.

Sayai jin52d ago

Look at the COVID years, their are countless games delayed 6 months to a year. They weren't delayed because those games looked super polished. Boy oh boy.

Zhipp52d ago

To be fair, its usually the other way around. A game will look great in the previews, then it releases and is a total mess.

NeoGamer23252d ago

The point is they did the right thing and delayed shipping. There are a lot of games where this was not true. CyberPunk being the best example.

Every company is trying to do the absolute minimum to maintain profitability. Microsoft is no different. But, you have to be happy they made the right decision and delayed the game. With a console launch and marketing deals and campaigns already in flight. Imagine balancing "do we ship a game that got grilled in its showing or launch a new console with no new games". I personally would not want to be the person making that call. But they did the right thing.

aaronaton51d ago

What's more indicative was that MS were still going launch the game as it was, and it took a huge backlash and shit ton of craig memes to realise the situation.

NeoGamer23251d ago

I am not sure that is entirely true.

I am not sure graphics were the sole reason to delay the game. That is really all the storm was about.

I think they assessed everything and decided the best thing to do was delay. The reasons for the delay was not just the campaign showing. At that point MP wasn't even revealed yet. I think they looked and thought about everything and decided the best course of action was a delay.

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CrimsonWing6952d ago (Edited 52d ago )

It seems a little suspect to have felt it necessary to say you’re not a fan of the games, but also played (most of) the games and somehow they chose you to write an article on this? I mean what insightful analyses can you possibly give if you’re not a fan? I’d have been more interested to see what a fan has to say. Or is this some try-hard sell piece that you fumbled on the opening with?

strifeblade52d ago

I'm not a huge fan of halo games but they were fun games. Not a maxi g but single player are solid 8/10 experience

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