Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare vs. World at War

In this article, Beyond The D-Pad discusses the difference between Call of Duty: Modern Warfare vs. World at War. As well as describing the differences will give their opinion on which game is better and which is worth your money. Check the full article for a more detailed layout, including a single player and multiplayer breakdown.

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ThaTeflonDon3599d ago

This rant bombs the game way more than it should...

"Since it was built on the same graphics engine as its predecessor little difference can be seen visually"

I don't know what cracked out HDTV this person is using but the game actuallty looks better than COD4 in most parts.

"One of the first things I noticed while playing online was the lack of realistic sound and the bland color palette that was used. For instance, all of the guns sound the same and no matter how close they get have the same amplitude. If you have ever played an online FPS this is a major flaw. As far as the color, it’s nonexistent. All of the characters look strangely similar and blend so well with the lack of color in the different levels, thus making it difficult to see them or kill them."

True some sound effects suck ... but again what kinda HDTV are you using??? ... and what cheap theater system do you have for all the guns to sound alike .... you gotta spend more than $100 on a theater system buddy for great quality sounds ....

"The guns lack variety and don’t appear to be balanced to the game very well"

Play hardcore ... problem solved!

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As much as I love COD4 if you're a true gamer you will love COD:WAW ... as much as I hated for COD to go back to WWII this game was and still is a joy to play ....

cactuschef3599d ago

Call of Duty World at War = Call of Duty 4 set in WW2.