Far Cry 6 PC Gameplay

Here is a look at an opening cinematic and mission for Far Cry 6.

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UglyGeezer112d ago

They're a bit.........shit

Garethvk112d ago

Looking forward to yours as its always great to be critical when you have not played.

1nsomniac112d ago he playing on a trackpad??

Garethvk112d ago

Mouse and keyboard. Later gameplay shows the movement better.

Fishy Fingers112d ago (Edited 112d ago )

Have they played a game before... thats the jankiest movement/control of a game I might of ever seen.

That video (player) does the game a disservice.

slowgamer112d ago

I kinda hate when games get constant videos for months and feels like everybody plays but customers. =D And in other games you get nothing before.

Profchaos112d ago

Getting nothing beforehand often makes the game feel more mysterious and when it's coming from.a highly reputable studio it's awesome like rdr2 for example most people didn't see gameplay until they played it.

slowgamer112d ago

I wish arthur was bit less slow. Although he slipping and tripping all over the place is pretty epic. =p

Profchaos112d ago

And that's coming from slowgamer to haha

repsahj112d ago sorry, graphics looks so underwhelming.