Latest EGM review scores

The latest EGM review scores have been released including Persona 4 (A+, A, A), Prince of Persia (B+, B+, B) and Animal Crossing: City Folk (C).

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tocrazed4you3602d ago

excellent score seriously...

Danja3602d ago

and it deserves these RPG of the year..^.^

Jessica Alba3602d ago

I know, I have played it too and its really really good. JRPGs are fun if you know how to implement the right formula.

Captain_Sony3601d ago

Wait...did you say a RPG made on a 233mhz machine is the best of the year???? Doesnt that kinda go against what you were just saying about Wii rpg's just yesterday? About how they need to be on PS3 to be any good? Now we see it's just a matter of the name on the console..

tatotiburon3602d ago

L4D>>>R2...not surprising

3602d ago
chaosatom3602d ago (Edited 3602d ago )

For your Showing interest in the Ps3.

I know that there aren't that many xbox 360 news to go.

So what better way to spend time than to troll on Ps3 news.

Edge Maverick3602d ago

Seriously, Capital G, you're the joke. Trolling every PS3 thread you can and saying whatever BS you can to make yourself feel good for owning only one system. LOL at you when GAMERS on this site own mutiple consoles mate, we get the best of all worlds. You're just a fanny, ain't no gamer.

That said, I agree R2 isn't top-notch caliber but neither is L4D imo. I love Gears and LBP this holiday and will be picking up Persona 4 tomorrow.

Somebody, please ban Capital G to the openzone.

solidjun53602d ago

is the PP of the gamer zone. just report this fool as spam and let's move on.

mpmaley3602d ago


Look at the history of Capital G, pretty funny stuff.

masterofpwnage3602d ago

i can go to any thread say "penis" and people will still think i have more logic then u

Doppy3602d ago

I don't it's fair how journalist are rating left 4 dead. The co-op is amazingly fun and addictive, but if you go the solo route it's just a pretty good game.

For every other game journalist rate if the online is amazing and the single player is just OK, they'll knock off a few points, which is what should happen to left 4 dead. It's a great game but no more than a 9/10 or a B+, due to weak single player.

Raoh3602d ago

actually captital.. i just recently got a cheap used 360. picked up a used copy of gears 2.. its a good game and it does look good but its overrated.

its fun and all but some of yall have made it seem like it was the second coming of christ.

its very linear. it has ehh story. i give it an 8. and has any one else gotten stuck while playing? to the point that you cant move and have to restart from last check point?


anyway more on topic i have persona 4 on the way from gamefly. so far the reviews across the board are top notch.

ElementX3602d ago

The big PS3 titles are also linear... MGS4 and Resistance 2. What's wrong with a linear story? How else are developers supposed to tell a story if you can do whatever the hell you want?

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sunnygrg3602d ago

I vote for P4 GOTY. Just got my copy.

Jessica Alba3602d ago

Too bad the nominees are already up. Maybe next year (or whenever!!)

Danja3602d ago

it's safe to say , PS3 really doesn't need games like these in it's software library..XD

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