MLB 09 for PS3 Offers a Virtual Tour of the New Yankee Stadium

appscout: We got a sneak peak of a slew of upcoming Playstation 3 games early today, courtesy of the folks at Sony. One of the day's highlights was unquestionably the early look at MLB 09, the latest in the company's popular baseball title. The new version of MLB features a number of graphical improvements, including realistic shadowing, which changes as the game goes later into the game--or night.

This being New York City, we naturally picked the Bronx bombers for our sneak preview. Once we fired up the game, we were met with a pleasant surprise--the new Yankee stadium. This being the 2009 baseball season, the virtual Yankees had since moved across the street to the new and improved version of their famous Bronx home.

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mugoldeneagle033603d ago

This video has been removed by the user.

Jackthepwnsaur3603d ago

I saw the video before it was removed. It was very awesome. I never thought that the new Yankee Stadium would look so good.