Halo Infinite's BTB mode has the potential to be something truly special

The weekend flight showed a lot of potential.

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Bladesfist540d ago

Agreed, didn't really like the arena mode that much, maybe because I'm not very good at it and make up a much bigger part of the team in Arena but had a lot of fun with big team battles. Seems to be much more chaotic than previous Halo games.

Notellin540d ago

As someone who always felt like BTB became mostly one sided slaughters, the map we tested was perfect for keeping the games close. Several interior areas and smaller lanes throughout the map.

It's been a long time since I had much fun in BTB but I played it relentlessly during this flight.

DJStotty540d ago

Looking good for launch day with these recent flight tests, only positives so far.

Plagasx539d ago

Yea, performance is pretty bad on PC tho..

DJStotty538d ago

That is what tests are for.....

spicelicka540d ago

Had so much fun with the flighting this weekend!

Eamon540d ago

Agree with all the above comments. I've played a lot of Halo 1-Reach MP and very little of Halo 5, and none of Halo 5. But one thing in Halo 1-Reach was the BTB always felt far too one-sided or you felt too lost. I really enjoyed BTB in this last flight of Infinite. More so than Arena too.

It could be the maps in Arena aren't so great. Behemoth is definitely the best. Live Fire is good (if a little bland looking), Bazaar is pretty standard but Recharge is too confusing. Recharge needs to balance the lines of sight. Because of the annoying outlines, you can be easily seen far across the map making the more open areas of the map a slaughter house.

Then again, this is the issue with outlines in the first place. Microsoft, please, just make majority of colour coatings free and stick to red/blue armour for team-based modes. The outlines make customized armour hard to notice, and in FFA modes, there are no teams anyway.

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The story is too old to be commented.