eFootball’s launch has been a disaster

From DailyBits: "You have seen gelatinous limbs flailing. You may have seen flatlander referees cursed to bear uncomprehending witness to the juddering of limbs and writhing of faces. Who could ever have expected that a football game would be the spookiest Halloween title this year?"

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gazgriff2k121024d ago

what the hell happened to konami

EvertonFC1024d ago

Have you played it? everybody including fifa players skip those parts anyway and get right to the match plus this article is making the gameplay sound way worse than it actually is.
Its basically pes 2021 with some minor rough edges which will get sorted just like fifa22 is like fifa21.
Its basically a f2p early access game which lets not be dumb here we knew that before release anyway.
Gamers moan about £70 games yet will go blindly to the light like a moth to EA fifa 22.
I have played both fifa and efootball and I stuck with efootball as I prefer the gameplay and I cancelled my pre order after the EAplay 10 day trial.

BlackDoomAx1023d ago

We don't do that here. Lol I'm enjoying the gameplay too. The matchmaking is awful tho.

Hoywhiskey1023d ago

Laziness and Greed that's what happened. Mobile that's what there are focused on.

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Knightofelemia1024d ago (Edited 1024d ago )

One guy looks like taco and burrito night at Taco Bell the guy in the middle still looks like he landed face first into a shovel a couple of times. And the last guy looks like he is either blind or trying to do a real bad Undertaker eye roll or he is just baked out of his friggin tree.

EvertonFC1024d ago

EFootball is not perfect but neither is fifa22, at least efootball is free and lets be real here nobody ever watches the replays or the teams coming out they just skip them bits.
Also I agree with some of the article but those moments are few and far between and I have played over 50 matches online so far.
Like I said its not perfect but the gameplay is great 99% of the time and whoever reviewed this in the article is making it sound way worse than it actually is.
Its a case of being sheep shite on Konami for the sake of shitting on konami imo.

philm871023d ago (Edited 1023d ago )

It's not that bad. There's hardly any content, but you could tell there wasn't going to be much on release from the roadmap they released. The pictures of the players faces aren't as bad as they look there, not sure if they've just been captured at a bad moment or been edited.
Apparently the PS5/XSX graphics are going to be improved a lot overtime, they don't look great at the moment.
Gameplay wise it takes a bit of getting used to, but it's not bad, it's just a bit different.
Going to be massively full of microtransactions though, the myclub mode already was on previous versions. At least with Fifa it's not in your face all the time.

EvertonFC1023d ago (Edited 1023d ago )

I'm liking efootball, like you say it's the road map we knew anyway. I'll buy the myclub dlc but that's it tbh.
I roleplay with myclub so I only buy and sell in the real transfer window so that'll give me time to up my credits.
Looking fwd to the mid November update but I'm guessing it's gonna be next seasons efootball which will be the more complete f2p game version
Edit: i think the hate is konmai haters tbh not pes players?
Psn: Event75HorizonUK

Father__Merrin1023d ago (Edited 1023d ago )

All free to play and will receive constant updates.... If a F2P title releases why do people act like all issues will not be ironed out give it time it may be worth your time in the long run.

What if it ends up being a solid football title without the need for £69.99 yearly updates like fifa

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slayernz310d ago

Still waiting for master league! Used to love playing that, given up playing most games online due to the toxic players out there


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