Windows 11 will hobble gaming performance by default on some prebuilt PCs

Microsoft 'will be enabling VBS on most new PCs over this next year' and that can tank PC gaming performance by around 25%.

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Lennoxb6353d ago

I'm no PC gaming expert, but maybe game drivers haven't being released for Windows 11 yet.

Mr Logic52d ago

It's literally in the article, we don't need your uneducated guesses.

VBS is enabled on pre-builts. It is essentially virtualization for programs to prevent malware and the like. Virtualization always has a performance hit, but not usually this bad. Tests also show that power usage is inline with the performance drop. Hopefully MS can fix this, at least to some degree.

Father__Merrin53d ago

I understand its a new security system for malware etc but that's a significant drop. Best wait and test yourselfs first as 25% seems unreasonable

camel_toad52d ago

Yeh it's a bonehead move to jump to Windows 11 as soon as its rolled out. Definitely want to wait until it's past it's growing pains.

No rush!

Duke1952d ago

Crazy how big of a resource hog security processes can be. Sounds like most will just want to disable the VBS if they buy one of those systems

Evan_Beezy52d ago

Windows 11 just wants to track to keep tabs on you, the security chip requirement to translate encryption and all the security background security processes it’s 1984 software 2.0

CaptainHenry91652d ago

This won't look good on Microsoft part. Hopefully they can get it fixed

XxINFERNUSxX52d ago (Edited 52d ago )

You can just disable VBS & SVM in your BIOS. This is for Ryzen CPUs but it should also work with Intel: Also go into your services and find anything with Hyper-V and just set them all to disabled.

Taero52d ago

"Just" disable them in the BIOS, I'm sure all those users who play games on PC will know that the shitty fps they're getting is due to a BIOS setting that they've probably never heard of, in a system settings location they probably don't know how to get to, and is an issue they probably don't know how to google.

Not everyone is a power user, or even a hobbyist who reads things like this. Many people just click install and then open the game.


That's why I provided that link maybe it will help some people 😁 I always thought at least most would know about their BIOS and hardware or at least take an interest, in the PC you just bought. People who build their own I'm pretty sure they would know about this.

52d ago
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The story is too old to be commented.