Power Rangers: The Movie (SNES) - A Mighty Morphin' Look Back

A game loosely based on the 1995 film of the same name, take a look back on Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers: The Movie (SNES).

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Knightofelemia63d ago

I still preferred the original Power Rangers game over this one I didn't mind this one but flipping between foreground and background got annoying. The Power Rangers on Genesis the first one being a fighting game was a pain in the ass hard as hell. I also like the Power Rangers fighting game because of the Shogun Megazord still one of my favorite Megazords and Lord Zed.

chrisx63d ago

Don't forget goldar he was cool too

NotoriousWhiz62d ago

I liked both the genesis original and the snes original. I still replay the SNES one on rare occasions. The genesis fighting game was pretty hard, but still good fun.

ZeekQuattro63d ago

Not as good as the first Power Rangers SNES game but I really dig the music in the movie game. Ivan Ooze's boss ost is something else.I can easily remember the different tracks in the movie game. I struggle to do that with the original outside of the MMPR theme. The Game Gear entry for the original show is still my favorite though. I use to plug my GG into the wall and play that game for hours.

Silly gameAr62d ago

I loved this when I was a kid.

Popsicle62d ago (Edited 62d ago )

Original SNES Power Rangers game was surprisingly really good and a ton of fun. Never got around to The Movie game. I think I was hitting the age where I thought I was “too cool” to be associated with anything Power Rangers around the time The Movie Game was released. Though I’m sure I still played the original in secret from time to time when no one was looking. Lol

On a side note I was team SNES those days and was highly jealous that the Genesis version had the Green Ranger and the SNES version did not.

Fntastic62d ago

Used to play this on the zsnes emulator with my friend online back in the early 2000's, fun game.