Xbox: Due to Game Pass, a Japanese chain has stopped selling consoles writes: "Surprising news came from the Rising Sun this morning. Geo, a well-known Japanese retailer chain, stopped selling Xbox consoles in its stores. The fault, apparently, would be Game Pass, since it is no longer necessary to own an Xbox to play the house titles, which would be a major disincentive to purchase."

XiNatsuDragnel611d ago

Hopefully gamepass helps Xbox here

Sonic-and-Crash611d ago

Japan audience are far more critical in these BS marketing tactics ..MS transformed XSX as a useless gimmick with their rent service strategy that plays everywhere ...

Xbox was already weak in Japan and now goes for sure death

SullysCigar610d ago

I can understand why. MS removed the need for their new consoles to a large degree.

Zeref610d ago (Edited 610d ago )

How is being able to play your games anywhere you want a gimmick? If you love gaming and not brands this is what you should be supporting. Not games tied to a single system.

NeoGamer232610d ago

I don't know how this means certain death in Japan for XB.

If rumors are correct there is about 30 mln subscribers on GamePass. Not sure how you call that a useless gimmick. Microsoft just found a really good model to supply games to its customers. That does not make it a gimmick.

As for gaming only retailers. The writing is on the wall as gamers shift more and more to digital purchasing. In 10 years gaming only retailers are going the same route as literally millions of other retailers have gone. Extinct. Talking about gimmicks. I walked into a Gamestop about 6 months ago. Now, there's a bunch of gimmicks. From the inventory of clutter junk to the buy a game, sell a game mentality. Ever since GamePass I pay less to game on a yearly basis and play more good quality games. Gamestop and other gaming only retailers that sell used games are the gimmick. Their money only flows back to the developer/publisher on the original purchase. There is no way you can say prove that model helps developers/publishers make more or better games. That gaming industry has found a way around stupid gaming only retailers that use the used market to make money. Honestly, the only disappointment I have about those retailers is the number of people that will lose their jobs.

GamerRN610d ago

So does this mean they are getting rid of PS5 since they have PlayStation Now streaming service that makes buying games just as pointless as GamePass makes Xbox?

Teflon02610d ago

Difference is, Sonys focus isn't now. It's just a next service. MS is selling Xbox as a bundle with the service making shelved games useless. They don't sell already and now they have no reason to buy the games since gamepass. So it's pointless in the Japanese market to put the console into the market. Sucks, but it's what happens why you cut out the stores from making profit. They'd be wasting space at that point.

Lore610d ago


You may want to do research prior to making such statements. What you called “gimmicks” that gamestop is selling is bringing in “Billions” in revenue. Check their balance sheet.

LordoftheCritics610d ago (Edited 610d ago )


''The fault, apparently, would be Game Pass, since it is no'' WOW THE ASSUMPTION IS UNREAL.

Game pass provides more value to Xbox than ever before.

And those who cant afford a console/pc can cloud it as well.

This article is utter BS.

RedDevils610d ago

Xbox console is a liability for retailer, if no one buying it as you don't require the Xbox to have access to it games.

wiz7191610d ago

@Sully how did they remove the need ??? I think most of you gamers be confused. Nothing beats having the actual hardware no matter how many choices you have to access Xbox services. Microsoft has to support PC, before PC gamers use to complain they didn’t support them. Now they do suddenly you don’t need a Xbox anymore ??? Some ppl don’t want to hassle with a PC, you can’t just pack up a PC and take it with you everywhere. Lol call gamepass a rent service strategy, do you feel the same about PSnow? Because they’re trying to do the exact same thing with the service. I love the fact regardless what hardware I’m on I can play my games, I can cloud play on my phone when I don’t feel like playing my switch. There’s nothing wrong with giving consumers choices

nirwanda610d ago

Japan for Microsoft at the min is the fastest growing market for them, and the series S is outselling the ps5 on amazon Japan at the min, early this week (for a day or so) it outsold the switch.
It's already outsold the lifetime sales of the Xbox one.

gravedigger610d ago


Quote :
"If rumors are correct there is about 30 mln subscribers on GamePass. Not sure how you call that a useless gimmick. Microsoft just found a really good model to supply games to its customers. That does not make it a gimmick."

Those numbers were pure guess by T2 CEO. Otherwise MS would shout out loud if GPU subs are 30 mil.

gravedigger610d ago


Quote :

"Japan for Microsoft at the min is the fastest growing market for them, and the series S is outselling the ps5 on amazon Japan at the min, early this week (for a day or so) it outsold the switch.
It's already outsold the lifetime sales of the Xbox one."

I don't know what Phil Spencer said to you in Xbox fantasy land, but neither XSS outsold PS5 EVER ( Amazon isn't the only retailer in Japan, LOL) and neither XSeries surpassed Xbone LTD ( not yet). You should check Famitsu sales every week

Hardware Sales (followed by lifetime sales)

Switch – 36,294 (17,133,268)
PlayStation 5 – 22,545 (898,102)
Switch Lite – 10,003 (4,071,757)
PlayStation 5 Digital Edition – 3,936 (174,094)
PlayStation 4 – 1,641 (7,811,573)
Xbox Series S – 1,601 (32,624)
Xbox Series X – 1,042 (62,385)
New 2DS LL (including 2DS) – 588 (1,174,071)
Source: Famitsu Sales: 9/20/21 – 9/26/21 - Gematsu

So, sit down, Xbox fan and take a deep breath

The Wood610d ago


That 30 million you speak of isn't factual. Spencer himself said what the last recoded numbers were so that kinda debunks that without saying that or namingan actual number. When Microsoft hit milestones they shout from the top of the mountain and say very little when they deem numbers aren't stellar. Spencer basically told the person who inferred that 30M number to chill.

bouzebbal610d ago

A Japanese chain stopped along consoles.. Xbox consoles I can imagine.. Nice spin and lie as always

TheHan610d ago

@Sonic-and-crash You’re exactly what’s wrong with the community. All about Brand instead of being about for the average consumer. Goes for everyone who agrees with you to. Clearly you fans have your heads so far up corporate ass you can’t see straight. Sorry not sorry 🤷🏻‍♂️

ABizzel1610d ago (Edited 610d ago )


Just picked it right up and carried it away. If this is true it's bad news for Xbox but makes sense. Asian markets are heavy PC gaming areas, and everything Xbox has can be played on PC, so there's no need to buy the console and thus no need to buy the software, which ends up to the point that there's no need for retailers to carry it.

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JackBNimble610d ago

Not everyone is going to buy a pc for games pass or has a good enough internet connection to stream.
I call bullshit, if this is even close the truth then Japanese players would probably start buying up the xs . This comes off as hyperbole.

wiz7191609d ago

@Ab that’s a laptop bro , I can’t pack up my desktop is what I’m saying I won’t game on a laptop. People tend to keep forgetting that Microsoft has to support PC its their OS, you just want them to abandon them ??? So of course they will bring their exclusives to their platform. There’s always going to be a need for a console, non of my friends who own a Xbox cares about PCs. I just come to terms half of you don’t know what y’all be talking about.

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Jin_Sakai610d ago (Edited 610d ago )

“Geo’s drastic decision may also have been encouraged by the Xbox’s poor success in the Rising Sun.“

“Apparently” because of Game Pass meaning you don’t know for sure. Or it could’ve been due to other reasons listed above. Why single something out if you don’t know the exact reasons?

ApocalypseShadow610d ago (Edited 610d ago )

I'm going to have to agree here with Jin. If you follow this thread as I don't have Twitter, this Ruiz deleted the original post as I couldn't bring it up. Checking more replies, you find a picture that this second hand store posted.

He then says he was only sharing news but if you look at the picture, they are stopping from selling PlayStation games, GameCube and Xbox. If someone can read the sign, it would help. If the sign is related to what he said. Or a different thread.

But how does someone come to the conclusion that it was game pass with words like "may also have encouraged" or "apparently." Did he get first hand knowledge? Or just talking out his ass?

As someone who loves facts, we need the truth before even approving this nonsense. I don't care for Microsoft's strategy excluding some good games on the platform, but truth and facts are important.

GamerRN610d ago

They single it out because it paints Xbox in a negative light by taking a strength and trying to show it as a weakness.

It's literally what PlayStation has been doing for years. Using negative marketing tactics by slandering Xbox and making it seem like you are an idiot if you like Xbox. They make it seem uncool and the underdog no matter how much better it is. Honestly it's actually working and it makes me sick...

garos82610d ago

game store owners dont want to sell consoles that are either digital or encourage only digital services purchases going forward . i wouldnt sell series s or playstation digital edition if i had a store

Rhythmattic610d ago (Edited 610d ago )

Xi, But it's not..... Xbox? The change in goal posts? You did mean "Xbox" the console , right?
MS change the definition and you accept it? Good on you.

gravedigger610d ago

Gamepass is available year and a half in Japan. So, what Gamepass did for Xbox in Japan?

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Rocosaurus611d ago

Well, it has made the SX the main gaming platform in my household.

GamerRN610d ago

It's my main also, I still play my PS5 but I'm still playing God of War and then finishing Miles.

Godmars290610d ago

Which mean literal jack in Japan.

Also means what non-mobile titles studios are still making there aren't likely going to be on GP much less the Xbox should they come West.

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Father__Merrin610d ago

How would it affect retailers they simply will stop selling

VenomUK610d ago

When console hardware is supply constrained you can see that for the console manufacturers it could be a real benefit to have people still be able to join their platforms. Of course with a game subscription service a customer might choose to end it after a few months but if they own the hardware they're likely to remain a customer for the whole generation.

Zerobalance610d ago

I just bought Insurgency sandstorm & I have GamePass. What a load of propaganda. Rubbish. Choice is great.

jznrpg610d ago (Edited 610d ago )

Wow one guy disputing something and stating the opposite makes it wrong ? Crazy world

Teflon02610d ago

Look at all the MS guys on fb and such for Bandai saying scarlet nexus will be on gamepass. They were literally laughing at PS players for buying it lmao.

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dbcoops610d ago

I don't know why anyone would laugh you can either pay once and own it or continuously pay to rent it forever.

DJStotty610d ago (Edited 610d ago )


"I don't know why anyone would laugh you can either pay once and own it or continuously pay to rent it forever."

I can buy it through the gamepass sub at a reduced price, and i will own it, not quite sure what you are attempting here? You can still buy games through gamepass, why does everyone think everyone is "renting" the games lmao

I try it, if i do not like it, it has not cost me a penny, if i like it, i buy it, all at a 15% reduction off rrp through the gamepass service, works great for me and millions of others.