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Well, it appears a new SNES title has arrived, as Steel Assault is about as SNES as you can get. This new indie game is action-packed, a nostalgia overload, and genuinely fun. Check out Jason Capp's review for more.

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HeliosHex110d ago

This game is really nice looking but also frustratingly difficult. Highly skilled masochist will like it. The rest of us will kick rocks.

Jeriphro110d ago

It has 4 difficulty modes, so you can play on Easy and complete it that way. Normal and Hard are definitely rather difficult, but I think the checkpoint system makes all of the modes fairly easy, to be honest.

HeliosHex108d ago

Thanks I didn't notice there was an easy mode. I'll try it. Hopefully I can enjoy it on easy because I do like the game. The checkpoints are ok. I just think it sucks to have to fight through some part of a level when a boss kills you. Be nice if you could just start over at the boss.