Artistic Differences

GameSpot AU chats to industry figures like Jonathan Blow (Braid), Nick Haggard (de Blob), and Siobhan Reddy (Little Big Planet) about their thoughts on art, games and whether they can be considered an art form.

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Rice3598d ago

A very good read, video game is art...I find killzone 2 art when playing the beta there were some parts i wished i have taken a picture of cause everything looked so beautiful and well placed...

Xi3598d ago

When I play I just think it's beautiful.

Johnny Rotten3598d ago

The sad thing there's so many people now a days that see video games as more of a stat to add to thier collection than a piece of art.

Mahr3598d ago

This is actually a pretty solid article. A bit of a shame, then, that it's going to be mostly ignored in favor of petty articles like which system 'won' 2008 or whatever.

The gaming GOD3598d ago

I'd rather this than the articles that are MEANT to cause flamewars.

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