Chernobylite Review - Duuro Magazine

Duuro says: "Chernobylite has a really cool and intriguing story with a fantastic atmosphere and addicting gameplay with one interesting mechanic that I haven’t really seen before. Yeah, I absolutely loved Chernobylite during my 10 hours, 13 minutes, and 38 seconds of play… I hated it when the 39th second ticked."

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jjb198160d ago

This game is hugely atmospheric and engaging if you accept it for what it is. I've had so much fun with it since early access about a year ago on PC. The devs are very involved in community feedback. The world is fun to be in and the graphics are very impressive especially with DLSS helping the frames look buttery-smooth. I recommend this game for players curious about it on PC.

kraideral59d ago

Totally the game is awesome in that way!

kraideral59d ago

Yes, game is really cool. Just that the framerate dips below 30fps and there's a possibility for save corrupting if you are playing on console. PC should be fine, but I don't know.