Why Square Enix’s Team Asano is One of the Best Developers of This Era

One developer changing the genre is Square Enix's Team Asano, who made Octopath Traveler, Bravely Default 2, and Triangle Strategy.

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jznrpg59d ago

I liked Octopath but there was no reason to use 8bit graphics in 2019 besides being a Switch game. Even the Switch is very capable of something better. There is no shortage of 8bit and 16 bit indies so why did a big company like Square Enix make one when they could have made something much better graphically . Obviously it wouldn’t be high end because of the Switch but 8bit just seems like a cash grab

NecrumOddBoy59d ago

This is 2DHD; not 8bit. It’s designed to evoke nostalgia with a modern twist and these graphics are some of the most beautiful pixel art out there. I’d rather have this than what remakes also use (gross chibi redesign).

I wish these games came to PS5 as well. I would replay OT for that sweet platinum. Excellent JRPG and one of the best turn based combat systems to date.

pietro121258d ago

It wasn't 8 bit and the HD 2D looked amazing. Octopath has some of the best particle and lighting effects in a game this gen. I wish more AAA games embrace 2d design sometimes Just look at Eastward, its 2d and better than most games to come out this year.

Kosic57d ago

Last I heard graphics don't make the game... gameplay and story is far more important.
I really liked the graphic style of Octo path, but I felt the game had periods where it felt a little flat and I never got around to completing it. But I will be pushing it more soon on Xbox gamepass in the coming months as I got more time spare.

DarthMarvin58d ago (Edited 58d ago )

Are they, though? I tried the Triangle Strategy demo and it was pretty lacklustre, and Octopath Traveller, while quite beautiful, was an empty shell of a game with no story.

badz14958d ago

LOL "best developer"?? why is this title being spread so thin and given away for cheap like this?

FinalFantasyFanatic58d ago

Guess that's better than the team that's working on Final Fantasy and Kingdom Hearts, I really enjoyed Octopath and I'll probably like Triangle Strategy as well.

pietro121257d ago

Production Team 3 is the best thing that's happen to Square in a long time, FF16 is in good hands. Say what you will about FF15 being a online game, it's the best FF in a long time.

FinalFantasyFanatic56d ago (Edited 56d ago )

I won't dispute how good A Realm Reborn is, I've only played a little bit during the trial (I technically have the game but don't have time to subscribe and play it), but it's really good, just wish I had time to play it. World of Final Fantasy was also really good but I don't know which team was behind that one, WoFF could use a sequel, they left some plot dregs there just in case they wanted to continue it.

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