Konami is Inviting Indie Developers to Make New Games Based on Some of Its Classic Series

Konami has announced an indie game contest that actively asks small developers to make games based on some of its classic series, including Gradius, Ganbare Goemon, and many more.

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lodossrage59d ago

that sort of sounds like they just don't want to pay their own in house devs (whoever is left anyway) so they'd rather make cheaper contracts with indie developers. Pretty crappy thing to do. But then again, we know how Kojima and Igarashi were treated so this doesn't shock me.

Don't get me wrong, it's great that new games of classics will be made, But to outsource when you already have a work force just because you're being cheap just doesn't sit well with me

RaidenBlack59d ago

Or maybe the inhouse team is not up to the mark?
Maybe post-MGSurvive, the concepts/prototype they demoed to the higher ups were not greenlit worthy?

lodossrage59d ago

That's possible,

But I seriously doubt it. Besides metal gear, how many major games have they put out in the past few years that were high quality not counting collections or remakes?

You mean to tell me they have in house devs sitting around doing nothing for all these years just for cheaper indie companies to do the work they should be? If they felt that way, why not just let them go instead of keep them around for years on end.

RaidenBlack59d ago

Well they have corresponding teams for eFootball, Bomberman and Yu-Gi-Oh.
Rumor has it that one internal team has been trying to make a new Silent Hill project. But who know how far they've progressed if the rumors are considered true.

blacktiger58d ago

you are getting it all wrong

jznrpg58d ago (Edited 58d ago )

Well , management is huge when it comes to games . Funding , time , and hiring the right people and the right number of people are huge for a game and most of that is on the management to provide . Devs can fail despite good support (I bet it’s much more rare) but if management is failing them it’s difficult to make a good game .

Knushwood Butt58d ago (Edited 58d ago )

@ lodossrage

Has sold more than 3M copies. Whether it is high quality or not, I have no opinion.

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Absonite58d ago

Honestly, if anything fresh ideas may make these games better.

OtterX58d ago

Very true. Sonic Mania was the highest rated Sonic in 15 years, and developed by fans known in the ROM community. I'd trust an external passionate team for Konami's classic properties before I'd trust Konami themselves. I'm just leery of their judgment of who to choose.

57d ago
Eonjay57d ago

Fortunately for us, some of these entries are bound to be excellent.

CrimsonWing6958d ago

Well, this doesn’t sound good.

masterfox58d ago

hmm Konami refocusing into video game development again instead of pure Pachinko ?, sounds good to me, would love to see a full fledge 3d Gradius.

CDbiggen58d ago

Good idea, get some new talent in, give them a chance, see what fresh new ideas they can bring to these classic IPs.

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The story is too old to be commented.