eFootball 2022 Is a Mess and It Breaks My Heart

COG: I was worried about eFootball 2022 after playing the performance test demo, however, the official release might actually be worse!

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SinisterMister59d ago

There's just no beating FIFA when it boils down to the best football video game.

EvertonFC59d ago

the gameplay of Efootball batters FIFA22 imo. Missing modes yes but its basically a f2p early access game.
The next update is mid November with custom teams/leagues and custom tactics.
I pre ordered FIFA22 but after the 10 day early EA play option I cancelled my pre order and I am very happy with my free PES which has PvP online which is what 75% of footie fans play only anyway and who cares about FIFA packs.

Father__Merrin59d ago

Efootball is free and will receive constant updates I'm downloading as we speak. Very easy acheievments also

-Hermit-59d ago

" It Breaks My Heart"

Lol, calm down drama queen.

Sol4ris59d ago (Edited 59d ago )

In it's current state, eFootball is nothing more than unmitigated disaster, choke full of bugs, beyond poor animations and some truly atrocious player models. Konami should have never released this unfinished abomination. For f**k's sake, PES used be the pinnacle of football gaming and being free to play is no excuse to release this kind of shite.

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