Capcom Wants PC to be Their Main Platform, Aiming for 50 Percent PC Sales by 2022/2023

Traditionally, Japanese developers have been rather wary of PC development, but Capcom is looking to change that in a big way.

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Vits58d ago

Probably motivated by MHW and RE 7/8 sales. But with the current way Capcom handles PC ports (delays, broken launchs, bad DRM implementation, etc.), I find it very difficult to see that they are meeting this.

They are still one of the best if not the best Japanese developer on the PC space. But they still have ways to go.

ABizzel158d ago

That's a big increase they're looking for, so good luck to them. I believe a lot of developers are looking towards PC, more simply because it has become their 2nd largest profit right behind PlayStation (and in some cases 1st). Ubisoft is a prime example of this where over the last few years PC sales have eclipsed Xbox sales and took the 2nd most sales generated spot from Xbox, and for some companies this is going to be even more evident as Xbox software sales are dropping even more for certain IPs in comparison to PS, which may be due to how many Xbox gamers are becoming more and more codependent on GamePass as their primary way of playing games. For example, Resident Evil Village sold nearly 50% of its overall copies on PS5 alone (not PS5 and PS4, PS5 alone), and in Europe it sold over 80% of its physical sales across the PS platforms. At that point you have to look towards PC as another option to increase your sales.

A lot of devs avoided PC like the plague until recently due to PC gaming being known for high levels of piracy even just 5 - 10 years ago, but that has changed significantly in large part thanks to Steam and overall PC game distribution going heavily digital.

Now I expect a huge PC gamer boom to happen around late 2022 - 2023, so Capcom must be attempting to capitalize off of that with all the huge advancements in PC components. Right now is an awful time to build a gaming PC not only because of supply shortage and insane prices on components, but because in just a year's time GPU performance is rumored to double with 6900 XT performance (a GPU that's around 2x the performance of the Series X, and cost over $1,000) will be in competition with a mid/high-range 6700 XT and be nearly half the price with significantly better raytracing. CPUs are getting more cores and significantly more efficiency with Big.Little designs. DDR5 will offer significantly more memory / speeds / etc... And NVMes are getting much faster via Gen4.

Notellin58d ago (Edited 58d ago )

What a useless wall of text with nothing but bias and nonsense.

Tell us you don't understand anything you're talking about without telling us you don't understand anything.

Muigi58d ago

DDR5 you can stop there buddy.

Silly gameAr58d ago

Can you disprove anything that he said? Calling his comment a useless wall of text, when your comment doesn't prove anything he said wrong.

CaptainHenry91657d ago


He's right about DDR5. It should be launching next month with Intel Alderlake

ABizzel156d ago (Edited 56d ago )


He can't disprove anything I said, so instead of adding an intelligent comment or rebuttal he post a useless two sentences as his bias doesn't enjoy hearing facts. Tell us you cry at night because of a piece of hardware isn't "winning" like you want it to, without telling us you do.

As I've shown for Ubisoft, PC has become its second largest software selling behind PS over the last 3 years.

And as the article itself states (via the link in article) Monster Hunter World at the end of 2020 had sold 5.7m copies across PC, 5.5 million copies on PS4, and just 1.7 millions copies on Xbox One. Once again looking at Capcom RE Village sold half it's copies on PS5 alone, and in the UK over 80% of the sales went to PS.

And these are not the only companies showing these results.

Allegedly one of the major retailing in JP have stopped selling Xbox Series Console, because of a similar issue with GamePass being a reason many Japanese gamers have no need for the console when they can play the games elsewhere, and also GamePass is tanking some software form 3rd parties.

Like I've said countless times this is the best Xbox they've ever made, that being said their strategy for this generation of GamePass everywhere makes it so millions of gamers around the world have no reason to ever buy an Xbox, on top of the newfound issue of Xbox gamers simply not buying nearly as much software as thousands if not millions will rather wait years for a potential GamePass version than buy new.


You need to check up on that.

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1Victor58d ago

All I can say without reading the article is
Good luck and don’t forget your roots

NeoGamer23257d ago

How about money? The console stores take a far bigger cut on sales so if they sell more on PC they make more money. Also, since PC has many stores (Steam, Windows Epic, etc.) they continually compete for a share keeping these store prices low. Plus they have a more direct relationship with their consumers. On console it is about Sony, Microsoft, and Nintendo. On PC, the stores are just stores and the relationship is more direct with the consumer.

Tapani58d ago (Edited 58d ago )

I welcome this with open arms. In fact, I'd love to have all the games on all platforms, I'm not a big fan of exclusives anymore. Consoles are very similar to PCs anyway, so I'd rather just have them release everything multiplatform. I want to see all the options on the table. I wish Nintendo would release their games on PC as well, I wouldn't mind playing a native app Breath of the Wild on a Steam Deck and desktop Steam app using cross-saves.

I sold my PS4 Pro recently, and I'm almost thinking of buying many of the PS4 games again on PC instead of buying a PS5. They'd be around the same amount to upgrade for PS5, 5-10 bucks. I didn't feel like this until I got to experience PC gaming at its very best.

I can't for example imagine playing Capcom's Monster Hunter World or Resident Evil 7&8, or Bend's superb Days Gone on base PS4 in 1080p 30fps with frame-pacing issues and bugs. I'd rather have these on PC in 4K native for clarity, 60fps for better controls and lesser input lag, reshade + mods to enhance visuals, and everything turned to max to see the beautiful art the creators have come up with. I haven't bought any games at launch in a long time, though, except the ones that are incredibly polished from the get go. Typically after 6-12 months of patches and fix/enhancing mods, most console-first games are essentially much better on PC.

Interestingly, I think Tales of the Arise is a fantastic example how to do a game launch. I bet it's going to sell incredibly well as it runs, looks, and feels great on all platforms.

Viking_mo58d ago

You do know tales of arise sold very poorly on PC right?

Atom66658d ago

You got numbers?

From Bandai: "The latest entry in Bandai Namco’s RPG franchise also broke records on Steam, with more players on PC at launch than all other Tales games combined."

Unless your just going by physical sales, I've seen good figures re: its Steam sales.

Notellin58d ago (Edited 58d ago )

@Atom666 the source is your comment. Since only 10-20 people have ever played a Tales game on PC that comment tells us they aren't confident in saying the number.

But it's somewhere between 20 and 7 billion.

BrainSyphoned58d ago

14k concurrent players on today putting it in the top 100 games.

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eaze201358d ago

got excited for a bit thinking there was new Pragmata news :/

Snakeeater2558d ago

I don’t know if it’s good or not for ps5 visuals in general. I think if prefer that then ps4 still being use for next gen games

pietro121257d ago

What does that have to do with anything?

CrimsonWing6958d ago

I was always under the impression that PC sales were smaller than console sales. This seems odd that they’d shift the focus to PC.

Shiore2u58d ago

Not really. It's been a long time coming for many.

Gardenia57d ago

Most likely because of F2P games with microtransactions, China being a major factor. I believe Genshin Impact made 1 billion first year alone. That is not bad for a F2P game.
And then there is also the MMORPG's that are mainly on PC as well.

Outside of that there is probably not much difference between sales on consoles and PC.

Pocahontas57d ago

On average yes but full price AAA mainstream games always do better on consoles

2moda5gamer57d ago

PC is for sure rising but if you look at things like fortnite or cod - there was stuff that came out recently during that law case where it showed how much playstation dominates player base and profit over the competition.

ABizzel156d ago

Are you talking all consoles combined vs PC? Or are you talking each individual platform? Because combined yes consoles sell more on average, however, each individual platform generally has PC as the 2nd best selling platform for multiplatform software.

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